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Chapter Sixteen

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Andy was next to me when I woke up, his arms wrapped around me protectively. I smiled and kissed his cheek before I grabbed my phone.

I had twenty text messages, all from Jack.






I sighed and texted him back. Short and to the point.


It was Sunday, so he didn't have school. I slipped out of Andy's arms, making him grumble and roll over.

I got dressed quickly and looked at my ring. With a heavy sigh, I pulled on a jacket. Andy woke up when the I opened the door. "Are you okay?" Was the first thing he said.

"Yeah. I just have to go break my bestfriend's heart." I sighed again and gave him a sad grin. He got up and came over to me, his hair sticking up in random places.

"Do you want me to come?" He asked softy, putting his arms around me. I leaned into him for a moment.

"No. I have to do this alone." I shook my head and stepped out of his arms. "I'll be back soon." I touched his face with the tips of my fingers for a second then left, heading up the stairs, leaving him standing there.

The ten minute drive to the trail entrance was full of planning and gut crushing nerves. I swallowed hard and got out, locking up my car. Jack was already there at the mouth of the trail.

He threw himself at me, hugging me tightly. I stepped away from him and, silently, started down the path. "Izzy, I missed you." He said softly.

I remained silent, walking deeper into the trees. "Izzy, please." He caught my wrist, making me stop. "Say something." I shook off his hand and looked into his eyes.

"Jack, I-" My necklace started to throb. "Oh great." I sighed and took it off. Jack watched me with wide eyes as I pulled off my ring. "Stay still." I said, looking at him with my white blue eyes.

He nodded and posted himself against a tree. I opened my senses and pushed, trying to find the breach.

It was...above me? My arm moved before I could understand what was happening. From the top of a tree, a woman flew at me, sword ready to slice me down.

Our swords clashed, a ringing metallic scrape filling the air around us. She snarled and jumped back, light on her feet. "Isabel Red Blade." She half grinned half snarled at me. "It's been a while.

I knew who she was. Her face flitted through my mind from the day we escaped the Room, splattered with blood. "Jessica The Swift." I bowed my head. "It has been a while. How long have you been following my shadow now? A few months? Feeding on the way?" She growled, a sound low in her throat.

"I follow you, not your shadow." She spat. I grinned at her.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night." She flew at me, her sword swooping over my head as I ducked. "The Swift?" I laughed and circled my sword around hers, sending it flying out of her hand. "How about The Stupid?" I pointed the tip of my blade at her throat and pressed until her skin was dented by it.

She raised her hands and lowered to her knees. I had her. "Jessica, it doesn't have to be like this. Arthur wants all out you out of the way so he and I can take over the world. I want him dead." Fear flashed through her eyes at his name.

Jack flinched against the tree he was standing in front of. "A human?" Jessica asked, her voice dripping with malice. She laughed, the sound one of insanity. "You haven't changed, have you?" She shook her head.

"Shut up." I pressed the tip of my sword into her skin, piercing it.

"No." She gave me a defiant look and shifted her eyes to Jack. "She is called Isabel Red Blade because she used to slaughter humans. For fun." She purred, her mouth curving into a wicked smile. "She especially liked going after human women with children and slicing them in half while the mother protected the child." She laughed again.

"Shut up!" I screamed. She looked at me, her eyes bright with a sick joy. "Jessica, either I kill you now or you join me. But if you join me, you have to be humane."

She laughed louder then ever. "Kill me, Red Blade. Live up to your title." Her voice was calm, the dare in her eyes.

I swallowed hard and pressed my sword further into her neck. Her blood dripped from the wound, but her eyes were still locked on mine.

They flashed with fear as I gripped the end of my blade and sliced my hand, my blood flowing in a small river of red to her throat. Where our blood met, they turned to dust and flaked away.

She coughed, shoving herself further onto my sword. I pulled it out of her as her body convulsed and she fell back, her knees bending at an odd angle.

I watched as she thrashed, tears falling out of her eyes. Then, my humanity kicked in and, out of mercy, I stabbed her through her heart, my blood seeping into it.

The thrashing stopped, but she still cried. Instantly she turned to ash, from my sword out, spreading from there and her neck. Her head snapped off of her shoulders, a puff of ash spreading as it smashed against the ground.

I pulled my sword out of the ash and licked my palm, cleaning my blood from it. Without looking at Jack, I kicked the ashed body apart and scattered them with my feet before I put my ring on.

Then I did look at him as I wiped my necklace off on my pants, careful to not cut myself. His eyes were wide and his face was pale. "Jack, this is what happens in my world." I said simply and made my way to him.

He swallowed hard and nodded, looking me in the eyes. "I can handle this." He said, clenching his fists as his sides.

"Jack, you couldn't even handle Andy's blood on my mouth." He blanched, but I didn't stop. "Blood is the strongest weapon I have and it's what fuels my world. Blood, hate and death. Jack, you can't be a part of my world." I kept my voice monotonous.

"No! Izzy, you can't know that!" He shook his head. "You're still my Izzy." He put his hands on my shoulders.

"This isn't a game, you moron!" I screamed, throwing his arms away from me. "I hate you Jack." I said, backing away. "I hate you. Stay away from me. Forever." I said, putting as much conviction in my voice as I could.

The look on his face almost made me laugh and say I was kidding, but this wasn't for me. It was for him, if he knows it or not. "What do you mean?" He asked, stepping toward me. I took three steps back. "Izzy..." He whispered.

I shook my head and turned, running down the dirt path back out of the woods. Thankfully, I didn't hear him coming after me. When I reached my car, I got in and drove as far as I could before the tears blinded me.

As I pulled over, I felt the hand on my shoulder. I jumped and blinked the tears away. "You did the right thing." I knew his voice.

I let him pull me against him. "I'm not so sure." I said, burying my face in his chest.

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