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Chapter 1

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Just letting you know...

Gerard Way. A 37 year old man. Living in the middle of New Jersey. The time, 11:04 A.M. Tuesday, September 23rd

It has been a year and six months since MCR had broken up. He hadn't thought about it too much. Of course, it was still in his thoughts, though. It was the thing that made him who he was today. All he could really do now was draw. Draw for Dark Horse comics.

He had taken a break from working on his new issue for Dark horse to make himself some coffee. Black. Just the way he's always liked it. As he was fixing his coffee, he had thought of his ex-band mate, Frank Iero.

Frank Iero had been the rhythm guitar player for MCR. He truly was, and entertainer on stage. Just the way he played his guitar on stage. Its as if he had been possessed by some wild demon. A punk rock demon. Frank and Gerard had been best of friends.

They were also more than friends.

What many didn't know (not even Mikey and Ray) was that Frank and Gerard had been secret lovers. They've had feelings for each other ever since Three Cheers had been released. They had kept it a secret because they didn't want anyone knowing about it. Not their bandmates. Not their family. No one.

Gerard hadn't really talked to Frank much since the breakup. He actually kinda missed Frank, just because they hadn't talked in a while. So Gerard had pulled out his phone, went through his contacts, and pulled up Frank's number.

He had dialed his number and pressed "call". A few seconds go by until Frank picks up his phone.


"Hey, Frank. It's me."

"Yeah. I'm kinda aware of that. It's on my caller I.D, you dork."

Gerard chuckled a bit.

"Anyways, whats up, Frankie?"

"Aww, you haven't called me that in a long time...
But nothing much, why do you ask?"

"Well, we haven't hung out in a long time. What do ya say?"

A few moments went by in silence...

"Hello?" answered Gerard.

"Yeah, I'm here. Just thinking about it is all." Frank replied.

"Oh, ok then..."

"Yeah, fuck it. Why not?"

"Great! Thank you. I've just been feeling a bit lonely, to be honest..."

"Well, I'll be over to your house in about an hour, Gee. See you then" And then, Frank hung up.

"Gee.....Frank hasn't called me that in, Gerard. That's all behind you. We're just going to just hang out and catch up, is all" Gerard thought to himself.

Gerard had been so engulfed in his drawing that he had been working on prior to calling Frank, when he head his doorbell go off. "Must be him." Gerard had said. And sure enough, it was.

Frank Iero. Compared to Gerard, Frank was rather tiny. 4'11 to be exact. And Gerard was 5'6. Gerard had looked down on Frank and said "Hey, man. Long time no see." "Like wise" said Frank.. "Come in." Gerard said. Frank had entered Gerard's home.

Gerard's home was nothing special. He was never into big fancy mansions like other musicians. He didn't want it to distract him from his work. It had reminded him of when he was younger, to give him that "old-school" vibe. Frank had taken a seat on the couch in the living room.

"Want any coffee?"

"Sure, but I want to try something different.....
French Vanilla."

"Frank, are you ok? You always like your coffee black."

"I know, I just want to be a bit dangerous."

Gerard, deciding to be funny, melodramatically had said "Its like I don't even KNOW YOU ANYMORE!!!" and he had thrown his arm over his face to hide it from Frank.

Frank got the queue and followed suite.

"Well its true, God-damnit!!! I'm a new man. You were never there for me." And Frank had fallen on the ground, to add extra effect. Both of them had laughed, and it was genuine, which is something that the both of them hadn't done in a rather long time.

Frank had gotten up from the floor, and sat back down on the couch. "But yes, I would like it black, please."

"Sure thing, Frank" Gerard smiled. He turned towards the kitchen and prepared to fix the coffee. "Damn, I forgot how charming Frank was.....and also how attractive the fucker was. Damn it, Gerard! He hasn't even been here five minutes, and you're already getting those feelings for him again. Stop this, you're over this. This isn't like when you were younger. You're just friends, nothing more......but damn, is he hot. FUCK."

Gerard had just stood in the kitchen for a while as he had that thought, but Frank had awoken him from his trance.

"Hello? Earth to Gerard! You want to fix my coffee THIS year?" He joked. "Oh yeah, sure. One moment" Gerard mumbled.

"Hey, Gee. You don't mind if I go into your room, right? Aren't you working for Dark Horse now?"

"Umm....yeah, sure. Just don't touch anything, ok?" Gerard replied. "Yeah, ok, Gerard"

Frank had entered Gerard's room. For an artist, it was actually neat and tidy. Gerard like to keep all of his work organized, so wouldn't get lost as to what he is working on. There was only one window, and it was on the other side of the room. The walls were a dark gray color with a wooden floor. Paintings and drawings were all over the walls, including promo and artwork for MCR which he didn't think was good enough for the band.
His bed was on the right. It was a dark blue, which complements the room completely, and his dresser on the left. Wooden.

Frank had just stood in awe as to all the artwork he was seeing. It was almost like a New York art showcase.

"Gerard! All of this yours?!" Frank shouted. "Yeah!" Gerard replied. "Its fucking incredible! I'm so fucking jealous as to how good you are. I'd almost forgotten how good you were at art!"

"Ehhh....its ok! I honestly think that I've kinda gotten worse over the months!" "Well, you thought wrong, Gee! This is great!"

"Why are you shouting? I'm right here" Gerard chuckled as he was standing right behind Frank.

"Sweet Jesus! You scared the living shit outta me!" Exclaimed Frank.

"Heh....I see what you did there..." Gerard said rather plainly.

Frank took his coffee and sat on Gerard's bed. Gerard had taken his cup and sat down to his desk and continued to work on his drawing. Frank slowly sipped at his coffee and watched Gerard as he slaved away at his work.

"God, Gerard looks so beautiful when he draws, but then again, he looks beautiful when he's doing anything, to be honest. Hell, he could be taking a shit, and he'd still be attractive as fuck."

"God, he's so beautiful" Frank accidentally said out loud. "Beg your pardon?" Gerard replied. "Oh shit! I'm sorry. Just thinking out loud..." "Its all goofy fuck" Gerard chuckled.

"Shit, that was too close" Thought Frank.

Frank was finished with his coffee and had set it on the end table next to Gerard's bed, when he saw the radio. "Hey, is it ok if I turn on the radio, Gerard?" Frank asked.

"Yeah, I guess so." Gerard replied. Frank had turned on the radio, and the classic rock station had came on. "Walk This Way" by Aerosmith was playing. "Hey Gerard. You seem really everything ok?" "Yeah, I just want to finish my drawing is all" Gerard had said.

"Oh....ok then."

"I mean, we could do something together, if you wanted to"

"Nah, I don't want to distract you."

"Frank, its fine. I can always post-pone it. We could go to the zoo..."

"Oh Hell nah! Its too cold for that shit. This IS Jersey, after all" Frank chuckled.

"Hey, speaking of which, what ARE you drawing, Gee?"

"Uhh.....nothing, really." Gerard replied rather nervously.

"Nothing? So I've been sitting here for almost an hour watching you draw nothing?" Frank joked.


"Well, is it realistic, or is it a cartoon?"


"Oh, cool....who is it?"

"Someone I know...."

"Well.....who is it?"

"I'm not telling you that..."

"And why not?

"Because I don't want to..."

"Gerard, what the fuck is that?!?!" Frank points outside the window. "What? What is it?" Gerard looks, but finds nothing. He also finds that his drawing is missing.

"God-damn it, Frank!!!"

"..........Oh my God......Gerard..."

"I'm sorry, Frank...." Gerard had said almost in tears. "Don't be.....because this is fucking beautiful."

It was a drawing of Frank. It was such a realistic drawing of Frank. Every detail, down, to the individual hairs in Frank's eyebrows. Perfection.

"Frank.....I need to confess something to you....."

"Yes, Gerard?"

"I.....I...I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. I've just missed you so fucking much! I've missed every part about you. I had almost forgotten how fucking funny you were and how much of a great guy you were....
I almost forgot
how beautiful you were..."

"Gerard?" Frank said in shock. "I know, I know. You probably think I'm fucking stupid for saying shit like this, and no, I haven't been drinking either. "Gerard chuckled.

"No, Gerard. Shut up and let me talk. Gerard.....I've been having the same thoughts. I was actually hoping that you would call sooner or later. I've been so fucking lonely and I fucking miss you. I miss your voice. I miss your beautiful face. I miss you."

The both of them had been in tears. The radio was now playing "Can't Fight This Feeling" by REO Speedwagon. Frank had walked closer to Gerard and Gerard had stood up from his chair. Both of them making eye contact and two inches from each other.

"I think I still love you" Both Gerard and Frank had said to each other at the same time. They both also had shocked looks on their faces.

And as the chorus of the song kicked in, without missing a beat, both of them had quickly leaned in to each other and their lips met. Their lips had met for the first time in years. It was everything the both of them had dreamed about. They quickly went towards the bed and started undressing themselves while making out with each other. Both Gerard and Frank fighting for dominance over who was in command.

Frank had slide his tongue into Gerard's mouth, but Gerard had taken a hold of Frank's ass and picked him up to go to his bed. Frank had grabbed onto Gerard's back and clawed at it, which made Gerard moan in pleasure, which just turned Frank on even more so. Frank had already unzipped Gerard's jeans and had grabbed Gerard's already harden member and started to stroke it.

"Oh fuck, Frankie..." Gerard moaned. "Yeah, fuck yeah. I like it when you say my name like that..." Frank had seductively said as he had stroked it faster and faster. "Fuck, you're gonna make me cum already" Gerard moaned. "Let me help with that" Frank winked.

Frank had stopped rubbing Gerard's harden cock and had gotten underneath him to where it was on Frank's face and then proceeded to put it in his mouth. "Oh fucking Hell, Frank! I almost forgotten how good you were at that....fuck!" Gerard had moaned even louder.

Frank had wrapped his lips on Gerard's hard cock and started to suck on it, completely enjoying every second of it. Frank had also started to unbutton his pants, pulled them down, and started to please himself and moan as he did so. Frank's tongue had wrapped around Gerard's member, licking every inch.

"Oh Jesus, Frankie! I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna.....FUUUUUUUCK!!!"

Gerard had just released a hot sticky load that went all into Frank's mouth. Gerard had then collapsed onto his bed.

"Hehehe...had fun there?" Frank chuckled. "Shut up, Frankie." Gerard joked.

Just then, Gerard's phone goes off in his pants on the ground.

"Crap, its probably DH..." Gerard moaned.

"Aww, baby. Can't you just put it off?"

"Probably not. It's usually really serious business, Frank."

"Awww ok then..." Frank frowned.

Gerard had gotten up from the bed and walked to his pants to get his phone. "Nice view, babe." Frank winked as he got a full view of Gerard's ass.

"Oh shush, you." Gerard chuckled. He answered the phone.

"Hello? This is Gerard Way. Umm, nothing much, Ryan, just working on the new issue. Oh God, you know how much I fucking hate doing that. Do I seriously have to? Can't you just get the temp to do it? He's wanted to "prove himself" to the company. Yes! Thanks, man. You're the best. Ok, bye."

Gerard put his phone back into his pant pocket as he puts his pants on. "I guess you don't have to go, Gee?" Frank asked. "Yep, but I DO need to meet up with Ray. To play catch up with him. Haven't really talked to him too much. He's been working on some solo stuff. Wanna tag along?"

"Yeah, sure!" Frank said.

Gerard had put on his jacket and shoes and had gotten his keys, ready to go visit Ray. Frank had gotten up from Gerard's bed and proceeded to follow him.

Just then, without any warning...

Frank collapses on to the ground. Unconscious.

"Uhhh, Frank? I don't think that's how you get off a bed, silly." Gerard joked. Frank was still out cold.

"Frank? Frank?!?! Say something!!! Oh my God! Frank!" Gerard rushes to Frank. "Please?! Say something! Anything, baby!" Gerard panics. Frank barely comes into consciousness.


"Ok, baby! Let me call 9-1-1!"

Gerard quickly calls 911 and not too later does help arrive.

Loud knocks on Gerard's door.

"Hello?!?! Its me, Doctor Wentz!"

Gerard rushes to the door and opens it. "Oh thank God you're here! Hurry! He's over here!" Doctor Wentz and Gerard rush back to Frank. Wentz observes Frank as he lays unconscious. "Oh looks pretty bad. Let me get some help."

Wentz quickly leaves the house and back to the ambulance. Just then, Frank softly speaks.


"Oh God, you're awake! Are you ok? What do you need?"


"What? O-ok."

Gerard searches through Frank's pockets. He finds a small bag of cocaine.

"Jesus fucking Christ, Frank!"


Frank passes out for the last time.

"Fucking Hell, Frank..." He throws away the bag of cocaine.

"Alex! Jack! Help get the patient on the stretcher!" The two patients help load Frank onto the stretcher and take him into the ambulance. Gerard is in tears as he follows Doctor Wentz out his home.

It would be the last time Gerard felt safe in his own home...
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