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First time trying out a furry fanfic.. Warning: Homophobes, GTFO.

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About the characters:
Zale: A 21-year old black male dragon anthromorph, leader of a gang, love interest of Tenshu.
Tenshu: A 19-year old white wolf anthromorph, member of Zale's gang, love interest of Zale.

-Tenshu's P.O.V.-
I looked over, trying not to catch Zale's attention while he was training the new recruits. I watched as his muscular frame went through the basic combat routine, and let out a low whimper. It had been ages since I'd tasted him... He looked over.

-Zale's P.O.V.-
I looked back at Tenshu for a moment, and caught him looking away from me. I grinned and kept training, knowing I would get him tonight, no matter the cost. He was a damn fine looking wolf. A new recruit caught my attention, waving his hand in the air. I mentally smacked myself in the forehead.
"Yes, recruit?"
"Wh-Who'll we be fighting?"
"Every goddamn trespasser and member of any other gang. Understand? Everybody. We fight everybody." Stupid little gits, the lot of them. . I looked forward to that night, and being with Tenshu.

-That Night (Still Zale's P.O.V.)-
Tenshu lay on top of me, and as I rubbed his back, I could hear his pleased little whimpers. I brushed his dyed bangs out of those amber eyes, and we both knew what would happen that night. Tenshu started stripping out of his clothes, and I began to do the same. Before I could finish, Tenshu leapt on top of me, pinning me down. I grinned and pushed him off, undressing all the way.

-Tenshu's P.O.V.-
I had almost forgotten how gorgeous Zale was without clothes on.. Almost. I pounced on him playfully, biting down on his neck. He let out a low hiss, and I could tell he enjoyed it. We continued to just play around, not being too serious. Eventually, Zale flipped us over so he was on top. We fell asleep like that, tangled together.

-In the morning (Zale's P.O.V.)-
I woke up to see Tenshu with his back turned, snoring. I grinned and leaned over, kissing his neck and mumbling "Good morning, Tensh." He looked up at me, and I knew this was the start of a great relationship. Who cared what the other guys thought, I was their leader. Tenshu and I curled up together, both exhausted, and slept a few more hours.

-5 Years Later (Tenshu's P.O.V.)-
I sat in the dimly-lit common room of our base, waiting for Zale's patrol to come back. I heard a few shots, and yelling. The door slammed open, revealing Zack and Gen, supporting a bloodied figure. I almost cried when I saw it was Zale, bleeding from numerous wounds, both bullet and knife-inflicted. They set him on a couch, and I rushed over.
"What happened, Gen?"
The wildcat leaned over Zale, trying to stop the bleeding.
"A turf war. He got caught in the crossfire.. Someone call an ambulance." Zale groaned and muttered almost in a whisper "No hospi'l. Cops woul' be swarmin' the-" He cut off, groaning in pain. I leaned over him, crying. "Zale, Zale don't leave me. The gang needs you, I need you. Please."
Zack had called everyone together, so the room was packed. Zale called Zack, Gen and I over, and everyone else backed away to a safe distance.
"Zack, Gen, Tensh. You're the three I trust the most, so I'm leaving one of you in charge of each division. Zack, you've been a loyal fighter, and a great friend. Will you take on the recruits' training?"
"I will, Zale." The large wolf muttered.
"Gen, I would like you to-" He broke off, coughing.
"I would like you to take charge of the strategy, and the fighting."
Gen sighed, agreeing to.
Now he got to me. "Tenshu, I was hoping to spend more time with you, but fates a bitch, eh?" He unhooked his gun from his belt, handing it to me. "Tenshu, I want you to be the next leader. I trust you most of all. I love you, Tensh." I took the pistol, unable to stop crying. "Zale, Zale! Don't go, please." I shook him, openly sobbing. "ZALE! Wake up!"
Gen and Zack dragged me away from our dead leader, lying on a couch. He was dead.. I couldn't believe it. I would get revenge.. No matter where I have to go, I will get revenge. For Zale, for Zack and Gen, and for our gang. The tide is coming in, find something to hold onto, or you may be washed away.
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