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Tired of Sex

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Adam tried to figure out the problem with Sakura. When he finally does talk to her, she breaks down and he finally remembers what happened the night he left Carmen at the altar.

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Tired of Sex:


I don't understand what's been happening lately. Sakura keeps trying to avoid me and she won't even look me in the eye. I don't know what has her so upset to be honest with you. I asked everyone else what the problem was, but they couldn't tell me anything.

"Did you and Sakura get in a fight or something?" Greg asked.

"I have no idea," I admitted.

"Heh," he said, shrugging. Not much help there, I can tell you that much. If only I knew how to approach the situation. Sakura's been trying to talk to me at first, but we were either too busy or just forgot altogether. Eventually, we gave up trying to talk and came down to this. I can't even approach her normally in public anymore. This Christmas isn't helping either. I have to fix this even if I don't know how.

I watched as she stood near the glass screen doors of her house. I glanced around me at first. Everyone looked to be wrapped up in their own little worlds of joy at the moment. I drew in a deep breath and rolled my shoulders. Here I go! I marched over to my friend. When Sakura looked up and saw me, she tried to look for an escape.

Oh no! You're not getting away from this time! I darted all the way towards her outside on the porch. She tried to run off, but I grabbed her by the arm. I shielded myself as she started to swat me away.

"Let me go, asshole!" Sakura screamed as she hit me harder.

"Not until you tell me why you keep trying to run away from me!" I shouted. She froze with a hurt look in her eyes. I looked up, blinking.

"Sakura?" I asked. "What's the matter?" She shook her head, frowning at me.

"You don't remember, do you?" she asked.

"Remember what?" I asked.

"The night you left Carmen standing at the altar!" she screamed. I stared at her with big eyes.

"No..." I said. She looked like she was going to cry now.

"You idiot!" she screamed as she started hitting me again. "You took it all away from me! Give it back! Give it back! Give it back!"

"Wait, what are...?" I began to ask. Suddenly, I froze when it all came back to me. We were drinking and talking that night when I accidentally kissed.

"I'm so sorry," I whispered in a drunken-state.

"No, no," she said. "It's fine."

"No, that was bad," I said. It's all in bits and pieces in my head. I remembered taking Sakura into the den, taking off her dress and kissing, and... I didn't take me long to realize what happened from there.

"Sakura, I'm so sorry," I mumbled.

"It's too late, you jerk!" she screamed. "Give me back my virginity!" I held her in my arms instead.

"I'm so sorry," I whispered again. "I wish I could've seen this sooner. I didn't mean to hurt you like this."

"I hate you, Adam!" she yelled in my ear. "I hate you! I hate you!" My dear friend broke down crying against my chest. I patted her on the back of her head as I rested my chin on the top.

"Hey!" someone shouted at us. I looked up to Noriko poking her head out the door at us.

"What are you guys doing out here? Don't you realize we have to...?" she began to ask. The baby drew her mouth closed when she saw Sakura crying on my chest. I shook my head at her.

"Oh, is this a bad time?" she whispered.

"Could you give us a couple of minutes?" I mouthed at her. Noriko disappeared back into the house. I stood there and sighed as Sakura continued crying against my chest. How the hell am I going to fix this one?

Hand Me the Fucking Keys, You Cocksucker
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