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Love letters to Tyler.

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In which a love-struck mute tries to write her passions. Also Dairy Queen Blizzards. PG for language. Happy Valentines day freaks.

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A-N: Hey, sorry it's a day late, I was sick all day and yeah you get it. Love makes me sick hurrdurr. Anyway, enjoy.


Love letters to Tyler

'Dear Tyler,

This may be a bit of a shock to you, both the getting the random handwritten letter and having it be anonymous. But it's okay, I'm not some stalker, nor am I a crazy serial killer trying to act out–'

"Ugh, that sounds stupid. Also pretty creepy. Whatever. Try again." I think to myself, crumpling up the paper and tossing it in the general direction of my trash bin.

I end up knocking the full can over, spilling my failed attempts at love letters.

Sighing, I get up and start picking up the mess.

I should start picking myself up, while I'm at it, since I'm the biggest mess in my unkempt room.

Squishing the scrap paper down further, I hear my phone's text tone go off. Not just any text tone though, of course it's the one from the person I'm stressing about the most at the moment.

I grab my phone and see exactly this:

'Morning giiiiirl, happy Valentines Day!!! you up yet?'

I've been up all night, thinking about you, and the little sleep I got was spent dreaming of you and I together.

'Yeah, just got up, you still wanna come over?'

About a minute passes. I lay back on my bed and cover my eyes.

I forgot all about our plans to hang out today. I also thought I had more time to write this damn letter.

Love is a hell of a drug I tell you.

I've known Tyler for about four years. I met him at a hospital. Not exactly love at first sight I tell you, but he grew on me like the infection did on him. Sorry, gross analogy.

Anyway, he fell off of his motorcycle in the rain, and I was in a pretty big car accident. Even though the seatbelt nearly strangled me, I probably would have died without it.

(A/N: Wear your seat belts kids)

When the seatbelt started cutting into my neck, it damaged my vocal chords badly, and now, I'm mute. My mom being mute by genetics, I already knew sign language, so I just had to get used to hearing my voice only in my head...

(A/N: still. Wear them. She's mute not dead.)

Sorry, got a little depressing for a second.

We were roommates for about a month, Tyler and I, even though he had a broken, well, most of him, he managed to make me smile.

We became close friends after that and shortly after becoming friends, of course I had the cliché "Friendzone" that I had put myself into. I ignored it for a while, especially since he was dating my sister when I realized it. They broke up on New Years, on good terms, but he's told me he's a little bummed about being alone.

It's been four years, I'm a grown-ass woman, I shouldn't be acting like a giddy schoolgirl with a crush. I can do this. I mean, It's not like I am going to have him over and come onto him, I was going to send him a nice letter, then I shied myself out of that and made it anonymous.

Why is this so hard?

I mean on any other subject, we communicate perfectly, but when he jokingly flirts or something, or I even think about us holding hands, my heart beat speeds up about three times faster than normal.I don't get butterflies. I feel hornets buzzing around like someone kicked their nest.

My phone beeps.

'Yeah, I was actually about to leave, you want any ice cream or anything?'

He's always sweet like that. How could I pass up the offer anyway, I mean, come on, it's ice cream!

'Yeah, you know what kind to get, right? Because if you don't, I'll scream!!'

Sick joke on myself, but I still think it's funny. It's always good to be able to laugh at yourself.

'Oh NO! Let me grab my blindfold xP'

I text him to shut up and he says he'll be over in a few.

Ugh what have I done to myself?

Whatever. I should probably just listen to music until he gets here.

Let's see...


What is wrong with my shuffle? All it's playing is the desperate love songs.

How ironic. And irritating.

Maybe I'll try laying down? Yeah. Calm my nerves a little.

Just as I take a nice deep breath and begin to lay my head on my pillow, Tyler literally punches my door. Repeatedly. Loudly.

I may love him, but my god he can be so annoying sometimes.

I open the door, and even as I open in, he waltz in, still basically fisting my door. With both hands. The bag for the ice cream hanging from his mouth. He forgot to shave today.

Suddenly, I'm imagining that prickly stubble, brushing my lips. Goosebumps rising. My face heating.

I snap out of it when Tyler says "Earth to Leslie, hello~?" Rolling my eyes I sign that I want the bag.

"Oh, this?" He holds up the bag, and shakes it lightly. "I don't think so. This only has, well, a..." He opens the bag and pulls out a medium Dairy Queen Blizzard cup. "...A Reese's peanutbutter cup blizzard! Hey, isn't that your favorite?" What a shit-eating grin he has.

"Yes, now give it to me." My hands say for me. I give him a stern look and hold out my hand. I take a step forewarn but he takes one back, holding the blizzard high in the air, and his pointer finger is pointing at me.

"You better not."

"Oh but I will. Besides, if I didn't," he jumps onto my couch "where would the fun be in that?"

"None, but that doesn't matter, I can make up for the fun later."

Wha– Hands! What did you do?!

Honestly, I'm just as surprised by my remark as he is. I go along with it. Catch him off guard. Yeah. That's the plan.

"B-but I love peanut butter!" He whines, still in shock from my comment. He's usually the one to throw curveballs like that.

"You should have gotten one for yourself. You said you were bribing me one, my favorite, and that's what you have in your hand." I step even closer, inwardly freaking out but somehow keeping calm on the outside.

"No! T'is mine, faire lady, and I shall devour it with gusto!"

And with that, Robin Hood takes a bite and runs to my room.


My... Room!

No! No no no, all my papers are in there!

I run in, but he's already sitting on my bed, Blizzard on my bedside table, and he's about to pick up a crumbled paper.

I grab the blizzard and push him, and he looks back at me, smirking.

"Go ahead, drink it, I don't wanna get fat. You gotta clean your room Leslie is mean really, what if you brought someone home and the saw all this?" He throws the paper in the air and as it falls back to Earth, my heart drops with it.

Tyler picks another up. I feel frozen in my place, even though my face must be red hot. "What's with all these papers anyway?"

"None of your business, now get out of my room." My reaction only made him sit down and get comfortable with that damn smirk of his.

"Let me guess, hundreds of failed love letters to Billie Joe Armstrong? You're a little late honey." He cracks at my old highschool fan girl crush on Green Day.

"...You're half right. Just give me the paper and get out."

"Oh come on! Just last week we were sitting and laughing about that stupid smut fanfic you wrote about him with you, and we laughed our asses off! Lemme see~!" He whined.

I couldn't do anything. My heart was beating so fast it's like it was still. He gave me a look.

I sighed.

"Fine. But, don't freak out. Please." I sat on the edge of my bed with my back to him, and years welled up in my eyes. I hear the paper crinkle as he opens and straightens it.

"Dear,— wait." He goes silent.

For nearly a full minute.

When he finally says something, I breathe. It was a long wait. Shit. He probably read the very first one.

The first one I wrote was the only one I finished, and decided it wasn't good enough.

"Leslie. I..."

Tears roll down my cheeks. One of the best friends I've ever had, and I probably just lost him over a piece of paper that rolled under my bed two days ago.

"No one's ever done something like that for me before. It's beautiful." He turns to look at me, and sees my tears.

Tyler rushes to have me look at him and he asks why I'm crying as he wipes the tears away for me.

"I was just so scared I'd lose you, over a silly crush." He shakes his head at my answer, smiling.

"Leslie, you would never lose me. You clouldnt if you tried really." He laughs. "And this obviously isn't a crush, by the looks of it, you spent a while looking for the right words to tell me. That's the sweetest thing you have no idea!" Tyler hugs me close.

He whispers in my ear and I nearly faint at his words.

"What I'm trying to say is, well, I feel the same."

He takes me by my shoulders, and kisses me head on, with a passion and gentleness only he could bring together.

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