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A Beautiful Song By A Beautiful Man

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Frank Iero/Lyn-Z written for pixiewayro! Fluffy start with a little smut as it progresses, but not too much. Sorry if it's terrible :')

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Sorry, this turned out a little shorter than I wanted it to... anyways, enjoy, and give me honest feedback, please!

Lindsey watched adoringly as Frank elegantly strummed the strings of his white guitar, Pansy. The song he was playing was completely improvisational, and he didn't write down or memorise any of the chords he was playing, but it sounded even more beautiful than he looked.
"Hm, hm, hm, hmm..." he hummed quietly to the tune as he skillfully played his guitar. Anyone could see the adoration in Lindsey's eyes, and she took in everything that was going on. She listened closely to the tune of Frank's song, knowing that in 50 years, she wouldn't forget it. She memorised all the strings that were being plucked by Frank's small, black plectrum in order, watching them vibrate and turn into a blur as they were strummed. She noticed how beautiful Frank's quite low voice was, and how it came out like silk, even though he was only faintly humming. But, on top of anything else, she noticed how handsome Frank's absolutely perfect face was, gazing into his wonderful, honey-hazel eyes with the cutest russet rings around the pupils, then staring at his amazing, dark brown hair with the greatest fringe (That draped over his forehead) she had ever seen, then at his adorable, rounded nose with the most perfect curve to it, then at his thin, pink lips with the little lip ring that somehow gave his already-stunning appearance more character, then back at his tattooed hands and the guitar he adored so much.

"Wow, Frank, that was an amazing song!" complimented Lindsey, applauding, as soon as Frank had finished playing his song.
"Thanks, Lindsey, but it wasn't anything too special. Just some stuff I made up on the spot, y'know." he replied, shrugging his shoulders and looking down at the floor in slight embarrassment. "Heh-heh, it really wasn't that good..."
"I disagree, it was wonderful! Oh, and I know you weren't really singing, but, umm, your voice is really good!" squealed Lindsey, grinning and looking like the biggest and most devoted fangirl ever. "Say, c-could you, umm, play me some more? Please?"
"Haha, I dunno about that..." Frank said shyly, still looking down at the floor. He nervously scratched the back of his neck as he spoke with a cute smirk on his attractive face.
"Oh, please? You're perfect! ...A-at playing the guitar. You're perfect at playing the guitar!" giggled Lindsey nervously, trying to cover up how attractive she thought - no, how attractive she knew he was. Maybe she just liked him, maybe she loved him. She didn't even know herself.
"Hahaha, umm..." laughed Frank, not taking his gaze off of the floor beneath them both. Lindsey laughed too - not at her own nervousness and slight give-away that she maybe liked Frank, but at his laugh. She loved how the high pitch of it contrasted with his low voice. "Wowww... umm, hehehe..."
"Umm, Frankie - I-I mean, um, Frank?" asked Lindsey, fidgeting with her fingers nervously and smiling uncontrollably.
"Y-yeah, Lindsey?" stammered Frank, taking his beautiful, hazel-gold eyes off of the floor to look at Lindsey.
"Err... o-on a scale of 1-10... 1 being, I-I dunno, a dead blobfish..." stuttered Lindsey, giggling cutely on the words "dead blobfish". "...and 10 being, umm... 10 being a beautiful, young princess..."
"Yeees...?" asked Frank, waiting for Lindsey to stop stammering and taking so long to say what she wanted to say.
"How would you rate me? Looks-wise?" she asked nervously, her cheeks turning almost as red as her cherry-red lipstick.
"Hahaha, ohh, I dunno..." answered Frank cheekily, glancing at her with an adorable little smirk that any girl would swoon for. There was a hint of lust in his hazel eyes, and he edged a little closer towards her before speaking again. "Mmm... 11."
Lindsey giggled and squealed uncontrollably, like a nervous young girl talking to her crush.


She was a nervous young girl talking to her crush.

"Really!? Eeeee, thanks, Frankie!"
They both laughed and blushed at how cute and slightly ridiculous they sounded, and they both knew that if anyone else was there with them, they would be the most embarrassing company to be around.
"Hahahahahah, what about me, Linds? Am I hot?" asked Frank, raising his dark eyebrow and not being able to control the cheeky, hopeful expression on his face.
"Frankie, you are so hot! I give you a 12... billion!" squealed Lindsey with a huge grin on her pretty face.
Frank gasped excitedly. "Really!? Thanks, Linds!"

They spent about an hour saying - well, squealing and giggling sweet nothings to each other and flirting adorably, and before long, Lindsey had come to the conclusion that she really did love Frank. She was so certain about it, the way she began to feel butterflies in her tummy whenever Frank called her "sweet" or "beautiful", or when he called her by her new nickname - "Linds" - had confirmed it. Her heart began to beat faster whenever she heard his voice, or whenever they made each other laugh, and her legs began to shake in nervousness. Sometimes, she would even get lost in her own thoughts while they were talking to each other, and her thoughts either consisted of them going on romantic dates at fancy restaurants or in pretty fields, or of them kissing, making out and doing other things in bed. She wanted him to know so badly, but she wasn't quite sure how to tell him. She was unsure of how he'd react, but seeing as it felt like it was either now or never, she decided to tell him somehow. She considered either telling him straightforwardly and to the point, or suggesting it slowly and acting nervous and shy almost on purpose, and she soon figured that she didn't have the courage to just say straightforwardly that she loved him, so she decided to let him know like a nervous schoolgirl.

"H-hey, umm... Frankie?" she stammered, shaking.
"Yeah, Linds?" replied Frank with a cute smile that made Lindsey even more anxious.
"Umm... Frankie, I, er... well, umm, I mean..." began Lindsey. "Frank, you're such a sweet and adorable little guy, and you're so nice, and you have the best personality of anyone I've ever known, and, umm, as a bonus, you're really hot, so, err... Frankie, I... I love you!" she finished with a shy , cute smile on her face.
Frank looked into her eyes lovingly and held her hands sweetly. "Baby, I love you too..." he replied, slowly but surely bringing his perfect face closer to her beautiful face. Lindsey also leaned closer towards him, prepared to kiss him, but she was a little nervous. She wasn't as nervous as she was before, though, as the weight of the world had been lifted off of her shoulders the moment Frank held her hands, as she knew that his love for her was apparent at that time. When their lips were about a centimetre away from each other's, Frank stopped for a moment to lick his thin, pink lips, which Lindsey smiled at. There was something strangely seductive about the way his tongue glided across his mouth like that, travelling over his thin lip ring, and the fact that he was staring into her eyes when he was doing it made it even more nice to watch. He then softly pressed his wonderful, kissable lips to Lindsey's bright red ones, and his eyes remained open so that he could look at Lindsey during the romantic kiss. It felt magical for them both, like they were meant to be together forever.

After about 10 wonderful seconds, Frank slowly pulled away and stared lovingly into Lindsey's dark eyes, smiling sweetly at her, and Lindsey wasted no time in smiling back at him, grabbing him quickly by his longish, brown hair and smashing their lips together so they could kiss again, this time more fiercely. Frank was a little shocked at first as he wasn't expecting that, his honey-coloured eyes wide with surprise, but he soon began to thoroughly enjoy the kiss, passionately moving his lips against Lindsey's and tangling his tattooed fingers in her long, black hair so that it draped over his hands.
"Mmmmm..." moaned Lindsey lustfully into the kiss, tipping her head back and then pulling Frank on top of her and not stopping kissing him once. Frank moaned back and lightly grinded his hips against hers, hugging her and breathing heavily through his nose. He then slipped his wet tongue into her mouth, which was hungry for Frank's lips, tongue and saliva. Lindsey licked his tongue with her own, and they moved fiercely together, however they weren't battling for dominance - Frank was clearly the dominant one already, and they both wanted him to stay dominant. Instead, their tongues just danced and moved around each other's passionately. Frank then began to grind a little harder and faster against Lindsey, but not too much harder or faster as he wanted to take things relatively slowly.
"Mmm..." moaned Frank, who then stopped kissing Lindsey's red lips so that he could move down and kiss along her neck.
"Frankie, I love y -" began Lindsey, but she was cut off by her phone bleeping, indicating that she had a text. "Crap. Frankie, do you mind if I check that, sweetie?"
"Go ahead, sugar." replied Frank, sitting up and moving off of Lindsey.
Lindsey pulled her black phone out of her pocket and read the text. It read:
"Hey Lyn-Z! Kitty Steve and me r goin 2 the bar u wanna come wiv? Jimmy :D"
"Baby, Jimmy's askin' me to come to the bar with him and the guys..." sighed Lindsey. "I can't disappoint them, but, umm... I'll be back later, 'kay, Frankie?"
"OK, Linds. I'll, umm... I'll see you later." replied Frank, smiling and leaning forward to quickly but passionately kiss her on the lips.

"See ya, Frankie."

"See ya later, Linds. Don't be too long, though."

"I won't. We'll have some more fun when I get back!"


Sorry if it's awful! If it is, just say XD
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