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Garry talks about a girl fancies in a club.

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So there's this bird that fancy. She's really fit too. I don't usually go for gingers, but this one is... oh mate! I met her three nights ago in a club. I hung around to check out the scene. Usually, I'm more of a pub person. However, the pubs in Miami are too fast-paced for my taste. The clubs are no different, but it was my mate's idea that night. (That bastard didn't even show up, anywhere. Asshole stood me up.)

Anyway, I sat near the bar, drinking bitterly. I began to wonder why I even came to this pub in the first place. Before I had the chance to debate on leaving, I saw her. This bird... there are no real words to describe her. I could think of some, but they wouldn't do her any justice. The colored lights flashed off of her long red hair as she sat talking to her friends. I had never seen cheeks so round and puffy before in my life. Mind you, they made her look cute, but still. Her teeth looked so white as she laughed. Before I knew, I found myself moving in closer to her group of friends.

I could hear what this bird and her mates were going on about. Judging by the pink sparkly hats on their heads that I guessed they possibly were celebrating someone's birthday. The half-eaten chocolate cake on their table with the bright pink candles on it confirmed my belief. The pink fuzzy crown on my bird's head told me it was hers. The more I held my eye on her, the more I moved closer to the table where her party sat.

The colored lights looked so lovely on her round face. The music pounding around me couldn't stop me from making my way over to her party. Three slappers came over to try and dance with me, but I pushed them out of the way. The green-haired one out of the group moved back in front and tried to dance with me again.

"Get out of my way," I said as I tried to push her away again.

"Aw, baby," she cooed with a pout. "Entertain me."

"Go away!" I barked. I pushed her away and marched through the pounding crowd. The closer I got, the better look I got of my bird. Her bust looked stacked in her black tank top. They had to be at least D-Cups. Her brown jeans gave her waist a slimmer look at first glance. I wished that I could get a better look at this bird's body.

Suddenly, I froze when I noticed them staring at me. The ginger bird raised an eyebrow at me.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"Wha?" I asked before I realized that I was standing right in front of their table. My eyes darted around their table at the sea of brightly-colored opened presents and martini glasses with little umbrellas for something to give them. I spotted the half-eaten chocolate birthday cake in the center. I glanced up at the lovely birds and gave them a donkey-like grin.

"I just came over to wish the lucky lady over here a happy birthday!" I announced. "I saw you girls having a good time and decided to check it out." My ginger bird raised her hand.

"That would be me," she said. "Thank you, peach!" Her Southern accent roused excited butterflies in my stomach. I thought about asking her for her name or anything else about her, but nothing of the sort came out of my mouth. Instead, I gave her a quick wave.

"Have a good night!" I said aloud before I took off back to the bar. I leaned over the edge practically kicking myself in my head for dropping the ball as the Americans call it.

Ever since then, I can't get that bird out of my head.

Useless Human
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