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All In For Life

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There was no way Alex was giving up on his relationship this easily. Alex Shelley/OC. Part 2 of the Little Earthquakes series.

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Do you have the right to miss someone when you make the decision to let them go? That was Alex’s problem at the moment. While Everly was at home in Michigan, Alex was in Japan, contemplating the decision he’d made a week ago. He didn’t know what he’d been thinking when he made his girlfriend leave. God knows that he hadn’t wanted her to go, and when Alex thought about the hurtful words he’d said to Everly and the way her face had crumpled despite her best efforts to hide it from him, his stomach churned. Alex had always had a temper, and, unfortunately, he’d never quite learned how to control it.

If he called Everly, would she answer? Alex highly doubted it, and he really didn’t blame her, truthfully. He’d block his number and throw all of his things out of the house they shared if he was the one in Everly’s position, but she wasn’t like that. She’d never been like that.

He didn’t deserve her. Alex really and truly believed this. Everly had been there for Alex through good and bad, and she’d seen him at his worst more than a few times. He never wanted to take his mood swings out on her, but he had, and yet, Everly had stayed. Alex couldn’t understand what he’d done to deserve such a forgiving, caring, sweet girl like Everly Jacobs, because he would be the first to admit that he was an asshole. He could be selfish and uncaring quite frequently, and although Alex never went out of his way to actively hurt anybody, he wasn’t the easiest person in the world to spend time with.

Letting Everly go had nothing to do with not loving her and everything to do with the fact that Alex believed Everly deserved better. Plain and simple. He needed to get his shit together before their relationship progressed to the next level, not only for Everly, but for himself. So the most logical choice (at least in Alex’s mind) had been to suggest a break to Everly. As predicted, upon hearing about the break, Everly had assumed that Alex wanted to break up, or at least stay together but see other people. She made it abundantly clear that she was not going to stay with Alex if he expected her to be his side girl. But that wasn’t what Alex wanted. He was heading to Japan to wrestle anyway, so it was the perfect time to take a break.

“Just a few weeks, babe,” Alex promised. “Listen, it’s not you, okay?”

“I swear to God, Alex, if you finish that sentence…”

Alex pulled the brunette in his arms and kissed the top of her head. God, he was going to miss her. He loved her deeply, but right now, a break was the best thing for both of them. It definitely couldn’t hurt their relationship, and Alex was hoping desperately that it would make them both appreciate the other more. Mainly himself, because Everly never hesitated to show and tell Alex how she felt about him. But Alex had been taking Everly for granted lately, and he didn’t want to do that anymore.

This was what they needed. He was sure of it.

“I’m a fucking idiot,” Alex mumbled as he massaged his temples. A week away from Everly had achieved absolutely nothing. If anything, the time spent away from her had allowed Alex to think about Everly constantly, while going over the things he’d done wrong. He was basically beating himself up over things he couldn’t change or take back, and he knew that Everly wouldn’t want him to do that. Yeah, she was probably still pissed as hell at Alex, and rightfully so, but Everly wasn’t the type of person that found joy in other people’s sorrow.

Should he apologize? Should he just leave it be? Alex’s mind was swirling with confusion. He picked up his phone and stared at it blankly, as if hoping that the answer to his question would magically appear on the screen. A few seconds later, Alex decided to just bite the bullet and call Everly. Odds were fairly high that she would hang up on him, but Alex had to try.
Regardless of the end result, he had to try. There was no way that he was going to give up on their relationship this easily. They’d weathered through many storms together—some violent, some weak—and he’d be damned if he gave up on their relationship without exhausting every possible option.

How could he have been so stupid? A break, really? He didn’t need a break to confirm what he’d known all along: Everly was the only person in the world for him. Alex didn’t even care if Everly felt the same way. She could hate his guts and tell him that she wanted him to die, for all he cared. It didn’t matter; he was in too deep now. He was all in, no matter what. As he saw it, he had nothing to lose and everything to gain. If this risk gained back the love of his girlfriend and the relationship that meant more to him than anything else (even wrestling), then it would be worth it.

Nothing mattered more than him and Everly, together again. Alex wanted nothing else, and he wouldn’t stop until he got what he wanted.

And I'm all in, nothing left to hide
I've fallen harder than a landslide
I spent a week away from you last night
And now I'm calling, calling out your name
Even if I lose the game, I'm all in
I'm all in tonight, yeah I'm all in, I'm all in for life
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