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with the Doctor, many endings are possible.

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    (#) red_jacobson 2014-03-21 02:49:15 PM

    Very interesting. I'll admit, my Doctor Who knowledge prior to Christopher Eccleston's (or however it is spelled) Doctor is fairly lacking, since I just started watching with the 9th Doctor, but I got a good idea of the different versions from your story.

    Very bittersweet, but a nice tribute to Elisabeth Sladen.

    Good to see you writing again and I wouldn't mind seeing more stories of the Doctor from you. Although, as a personal preference, I would like the 9th or 10th Doctors. Eleven never really grew on me the way the others did.

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    (#) brad 2014-03-21 10:37:58 PM

    THIS IS A TERRIBLE STORY. Harry doesn't even appear in it! Nor Hermione. WORST HARRY POTTER STORY EVAH!


    Dr. Who, hey?

    I'm nothing close to current with Dr. Who - I only knew that River Song was his wife because of sniffs of spoilers on the internet, and don't have a clue who 'Melody' is - 'spoilers', indeed! :-) - but I got the gist of things in reading this.

    A pleasant read and a nice farewell to Sarah Jane.
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    (#) DarkKing666 2014-03-22 06:10:20 AM

    This was great. A wonderful tribute to Sarah Jane Smith.
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    (#) Gioia 2014-03-22 11:01:03 PM

    Thank you! That was marvelous. It was a great tribute and a great way to contextualize both Sarah Jane and River within the lives of the Doctor.
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    (#) BlueEyedBrigadier 2014-03-23 12:58:03 AM

    This is something I've felt the show has been wrong to let linger - acknowledging the the passing of Elisabeth Sladen - since they had Eleven learn the Brigadier had passed at the end of Series Six.

    In any case, this was a beautiful tribute to Ms. Sladen and Sarah Jane Smith, Dr. T! Especially in how Sarah Jane got to have the most important role in the Doctor's life: the one person trusted with his life least up to just before Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor came along :D
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    (#) DrT 2014-03-23 01:21:23 AM

    Thanks, everyone, for the reviews. Glad you've liked this little story/tribute
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    (#) BenRG 2014-03-25 07:37:50 AM

    Sarah Jane was the companion who would define what a companion of the Doctor should be. I think it is fitting that, even after she is gone, she remains the touchstone by which they are judged.
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    (#) ZanyMuggle 2014-06-20 03:21:57 PM

    This is one of the most emotionally powerful stories you've written in quite some time. I like your interpretations of the characters, and your extrapolations of the Who universe. I've been watching since the last season of Pertwee (when in aired in my region), and your characters ring true to me - other than the Doctor being far more open than in canon. As always, thank you very much for writing.

    Author's response

    Thanks! I've also been a fan of Dr Who since the Pertwee doctor was shown on a local PBS station in the mid-70s. He's my favorite still, with McCoy a close second (I also like #11 a lot). #7 (in many ways the most secretive doctor) was open only because he saw himself as 'retired' and because Sarah Jane was dying. 11 was more open than usual because he was still recovering from losing the Ponds and he was bonding with River.

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