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Dean's not so Little Girl

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Dean struggles Sam not to shoot his daughter Emma. Does Dean stand a chance at fatherhood? Will he even get a chance? AU 7x13 "The Slice Girls". Has a little hint at season 3 since I had just watch...

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"Dude! I know what I saw; she was a baby yesterday and a day before that she didn't even exist. But she is my daughter, you don't get to shoot her just yet." Sam lowered the pistol just enough to show he wasn't going to shoot, yet. After all, Emma did have a knife on his brother.

Focusing his attention back on Emma, Dean attempted to diffuse the situation. "Emma, now you look like a sweet and slightly creepy girl, you're my daughter, so you are family." Emma's brown eyes started to mist up, the long knife she was holding shaking ever so slightly.

"Dean", Sam pleaded "common think about this. She is an Amazon, not human."

"Sammy!" Dean snapped, "She ran away from them didn't she? Granted she does still have a knife on me, but she has earned a chance." Emma caught onto the hint, with a body-shaking sob the knife clanked to the hardwood kitchen floor. Dean ran forward to embrace his teenage daughter, only then did Sam lower his gun and lunge for the knife.

Half dragging-half carrying Emma, Dean was finally able to get the girl on the standard issue gin-joint motel bed. Looking at Sam, he lowered himself onto an identical motel bed, with a look of pure horror in his eyes he voiced the hanging question between the two brothers "What am I going to do Sammy? I'm not a father, not even close to one. Even though I almost got stuck with that torch in Cicero, Illinois with Ben, but he wasn't mine!" "Look Dean, she isn't a person, hell she didn't even exist two days ago! You can't just raise her."

Dean lifted his head from his cradled hands and looked at Sam with appreciation. "No, I am going to train her. Just like Dad did with us!" Emma had finally pulled herself out of her stupor and decided she was not ready to be a hunter. "No, I don't want to hit the road with my Dad a-a-a-and Uncle and I definitely don't want to hunt things, even if it is the family business. Please, can you just let me go?"

"Sorry honey can't do that." Dean looked over at Sam who agreed with him "Dean's right, you stay and you live, or you don't." Emma looked at her new found family, risking losing them just as she had come into this crazy world, with tears filling up her brown eyes. "Then," she started "I want to stay, but I refuse to kill Bambi, that is just cruel and unusual punishment." Sam and Dean looked at each other and started to crack up. Dean finally composed himself just long enough to look at his daughter with pride in his gaze, "Aw honey, Bambi is safe, but you got a lot to learn about this family business. Killing Bambi is the least of your worries."
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