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Ch: 14 An apple I gave thee

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I am filled with a warmth that is not produced by the light, nor the soft breeze, nor the tranquility of the day.

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Meh cries sorry. Im on spring break, which is almost over, which sucks cause I spent it doing things I didnt want to do D: sorry for the delay.

An apple is thrown into the air. Golden skin shimmering under the autumn sun, as a rustle of leaves brush against my feet. My hands reach out as gravity impedes the apple's flight, and soon, my palms are wrapped around a small, golden sphere.
"It's called a Grimes Golden Apple." Gerard's voice reaches towards my ears, as he walks towards the brick wall we share. I spare him a glance, maybe two, but my eyes return towards the apple,as my palms turn it around, enticed. He sits down next to me, stretching his long legs and opening an empty sketching pad.
"This apple reminds me of a fairy tale." I tell him, bouncing the apple in my palms, "Actually it's even called a grime which makes me think of Grimm." I giggle.
"Is that so?" Gerard raises his eyebrow at me, smirking as he begins to take out pencils from his pockets.
"Yup." I reply absent-mindedly.
"Well then, tell me about it." Gerard demands, his pale fingers take a hold of his pencil.
"It's a bit irrelevant. The plot everything about the tale is a bit skewed. In the end it doesn't even pertain to the apples." He hums in acknowledgment, pencil scratching against the fresh sheet of paper.
"By the Grimm Brothers right?" He asks, eyes glancing at me.
"Yeah." I smile.
"Come on, tell me about it." He urges. I sigh in resignation, "Fine." . The breeze surrounding us picks up force, blowing a crown of strayed raven hair on Gerard's head.

"So, there's this king, that has a golden apple tree. And every year, he notices that he is being robbed of apples during the night. So he sends out each of his sons, on different nights, to stay awake in order to find out who is stealing his apples. The eldest fell asleep, while the youngest son stays awake, whom then sees a golden bird take an apple, whom he shoots an arrow at but only comes out with a frayed golden feather." I pause, glancing a Gerard who stares at me with keen eyes and a warm smile.

"He presents his father with the golden arrow, who then tells him he will need the entire bird due to it's fortune. He sends the eldest sons, each at different times, to go out in search for the bird. The first one comes across a fox, that tells him there will be two inns: one beautiful, the other shaggy. The fox tells him to go to the saggy one,where he will find the bird. But the boy ignores him and goes to the other inn. The second does that same. The youngest, follows the fox's advice and finds the golden bird in the shaggy in. Before entering the fox tells him to take the bird in the wooden, worn down cage, rather than the golden one. The boy ignores him and takes the bird in the golden cage, where there are three apples placed. The bird cries out and the boy is arrested."

The wind blows around us and a rustle of leaves fall from a tree, one landing on Gerard's hair. I chuckle as he continues to draw out jagged lines on the paper, oblivious. As I reach over to pluck the leaf from his hair, his hand pauses and his eyes widen a bit in attention. After pulling the leaf out, he resumes.

"Anyways," I continue, clearing my throat, "After being imprisoned he is told to find a golden horse to spare his life. The fox tells him to take the wooden saddle rather than the golden one. The boy once again, refuses him and takes the golden saddle. After being captured again, the boy is told to find a princess. The fox advises him not to let her say farewell to her parents. He tries to ignore him but, the princess' wailing dissuades him. And he is soon captured again."

Gerard chuckles, "You were right, totally irrelevant." I smile

"Anyways the parents tell him to remove a hill in order to take the princess. He does so with the help from the fox. He then takes his leave with the horse, bird and princess. The fox asks him to kill him, but the boy refuses. So the fox says not to rest near rivers nor past through gallows. As the boy heads towards his home he finds his brother about to be hanged in the inns. He rescues them and they rest by the river. His brothers drown him take his things and head home, where they are soon arrested once the young boy returns. The fox begs to be killed by the boy so the boy complies, and then the fox converts into a human who was the princess' long lost brother. The end."

I turn towards Gerard who is still sketching, noticing me he pauses and claps. I chuckle.

"Fairy tales are weird man." He says, "Anyways, it was nice hearing it from you," He pauses, "What was the theme?" He asks.
"Listen to foxes!" I yell out, we laugh.

"So are you gonna eat that apple or what?" He asks, watching me as I continue to play with it. I stare at him, "Maybe...Have you poisoned it?" I tease
"Only with love." He drags the word out. I laugh, my cheeks warming.

We stay silent for a few moments as the trees begin to shed more leaves. The breeze whistles and Gerard's pencil continues to scratch out lines on the page. The warm light bathes Gerard in a golden hue. His raven hair dances in the wind, across the page as his head bows down, shining blue against the sun. His hands continue to skim across the surface of white, but I cannot see due to his head obscuring my view. His eyelashes brush against his high cheeks, flickering from golden brown to black as he blinks against the light. I am filled with a warmth that is not produced by the light, nor the soft breeze, nor the tranquility of the day. It's a different, type of heat, a new one that curls and uncurls, a crescendo that decreases, like a waning light glimmering under the confines of a blanket.

I take a bite out of the apple for the first time.

The crunch is crisp and loud, the juice splatters against my lips. The taste is so sweet that my tongue begins to lap out the remnants of the liquid from my lips and my fingers eagerly. I continue to eat the fruit in delight, my tongue sucking the juice that lingers on it. Not knowing when I closed my eyes, I open them and am greeted with Gerard's smug smirk.

"Wow.." He says, smirk gone and eyes staring with astonishment that I no longer know whether it's faux or not. "You've been deprived."
"Shut it." I reply around mouthfuls, "I've never tasted an apple so fucking delicious."

The bell rings. Gerard rips the paper out of his pad and hands it to me. He gets up and with a last smile says, "See you around Frankie boy."
I stay in the same place and continue to eat the apple. I look at the paper Gerard handed me, and stop mid bite. I stare at the paper, and find myself being stared back at with my eyes. He drew me, and I don't know why it's so astonishing, laying next to a willow tree, with my thoughts spread out all over the page, and next to me there's three apples. I grin splits my face, and it stays there as I go back inside the school. And as I lay in my bed at night.

Bad I know. Maybe next time I'll actually make them kiss.......please R&R even tho I am undeserving of it
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