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They Say School's Safe
They say school is one of the safest places for a kid.
They say they deal with bullies.
They say a lot.
A girl can threaten another an a daily basis and get away with it.
The same girl can then try to start a fight and the principal does nothing.
One day she threatens with a knife, but by then the other girl doesn't know who to turn to. She no longer believes the school cares about her. Her mom would tell her to get over it. She has no friends left.
So she starts skipping school because she's too afraid to go.
She used to enjoy school. It got her away from her family.
Now she would rather never leave the house.
She gets so stressed and afraid she can't eat. Can't sleep.
They say they're there for her.
They say they'll deal with it.
Well, she said she wouldn't smoke.
She said she wouldn't drink. Or cut. Or fight...Or die..
We all say a lot
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