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From Darkness, To Light...

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When Morgan Le Fay first arrives to the surface of earth, she has only one thing on her mind. Destruction. She wants earth to herself and her demons. She'd do anything for it, even if that meant ki...

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Rage. That's what Morgan was feeling during her visit to earth. She had only been here for a few hours, and she already hated it. How could she last a year? But she had to go to the surface to study the humans, to learn their weaknesses. She wanted their land for her own, and she would not share. What bothered her, though, was the sun. Of all those years, living in the darkness and the shadows, she had grown accustomed to it. Not to the brightness of day, but to the darkness of night. And all this... this sunlight, is what gave her a headache. It was hard to imagine that this was hoe the mortals lived, walking under such a grand source of energy, and not knowing how much light there actually was. And when would their precious sun explode? When would it completely devour everything in its path, and not leave a single breathing creature on this planet?

If only. If only Morgan could could speed up the process and have this planet to herself. She could make earth hers, and bring hell to the surface. She would never have to hide again. never have to hide her powers, her abilities, her demons. It all seemed untrue, that one little thing could threaten the whole existence to the human race, and that one little move could-

Enough, Morgan thought to herself. She'd had enough daydreaming for one day. She had bigger matters to attend to, such as redecorating her home, making it seem as if she were an ordinary mortal. What clothes would she have to buy, what automobile, what objects must she acquire to make her seem normal? Morgan did not know, and that's what made her so uncomfortable and peculiar. On earth's surface, her own skin did not feel right. It felt itchy and unnecessary, like she needed to get rid of it. How could Morgan live like this for a year, in this open space? It all seemed abslolutely impossible, yet surprisingly, it wasn't. It was all very real, unfortunately.

And with that last thought, Morgan stood up from her stone chair (which she found there when she found the house, strangely) and looked around, studying every inch of the room. There was a spell that needed to be said, that would change her surroundings. It could redecorate the whole house. Make it seem like a mortal residence, make it seem like a mortal residence, she repeated in her head. It honestly was not this difficult, this type of sorcery. But with the worry and nerves running through Morgan's veins, it was. Then, Morgan lifted both her hands slowly and gently stuck out her palms, her lips moving silently so no sound escaped her mouth. She was reciting a spell.

It stung at first, it always did. But Morgan had gotten used to it, for sorcery was something she did so many times a day. After the stinging, it felt more like floating on almost shallow water. She could feel the water possessing her skin. She was floating, forgetting her surroundings an only focusing on her main objective, on her mission: to get the spell done right. Then, it was like an explosion, the heat coming towards her with immense speed. She could never move, just stand there in shock. The heat wave racing towards her inert body, and once it hits her-

Morgan opened her eyes and widened them, her lips gasping for air. Her shaking hands immediately went to her face, where she touched her cheeks and forehead roughly. She was making she was alive. And she was, like she was every time. Letting out a sigh of relief, she collapsed of the stone... no, wait. The cushioned sofa behind her. Her eyebrows furrowed together in confusion, and she turned to look at where she was sitting, but sucked in a gasp of air instead as shock ran through her body. Her spell had worked, and her residence... well, it transformed.

When she had first found this home early morning, it was in need of construction. Its windows were broken, and every plank of wood that surrounded the interior of the house was rotting, giant holes everywhere on their surface. On the inside, stone furniture was present, along with dead animals and maggots. It was enough, though. enough for Morgan to work with. But now, now that she had preformed her spell, the house had transformed itself from a hideous view, to an absolute breathtaking one. Its rotting wood changed into beautiful redwood that was painted over with black paint. Red furniture covered the floors and walls, and mortal technology was also present in the home. The floor was redwood too, but some parts of it were covered in a carpet so fine and soft, it seemed as if it came from the fresh fur of a sheep. Morgan's sorcery always paid off, and this time, more than ever.

After her shock was gone over what she did, Morgan raced towards the staIrs, where she climbed them two steps at a time. They were also made of redwood, and made that creaking noise only old houses made. When she reached the top, she hesitated outside her bedroom door, wondering what stood on the other side. Did it look normal, too? Hopefully, it did, and she grabbed the doorknob and pushed the door open gently. Her green eyes widened once again at the sight of a huge king-sized bed and dressers and drawers that were obviously filled with clothing similar to that of a human. She walked over to open a drawer and saw it was filled with her mortal nightclothes, which made her think. Her eyes then drifted over to the window and saw that it was already dark out. Oh, where did the time go! Her first day on earth was already finished, and she almost instantly felt exhausted.

Morgan then grabbed a night dress and took off the clothes she was wearing, slipping it onto her slim, pale body. Her feet then began to walk to her bed, where she nearly collapsed atop of it. Until tomorrow, she thought. Endless possibilities were possible during her stay, but for now, sleep was the only thought on Morgan's mind. And she closed her eyes, and was asleep before anyone knew it.


[Thank you for reading part one of my first story! New parts will be posted every Wednesday and Saturday, so please keep reading! Sorry for spelling errors, by the way. ]

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