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Burn Her to the Ground

by IsolabellaFae 4 reviews

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Say forever. You'll make it last.
you know she's fragile. Like a sheet of glass.
Take are of her. Be oh, so very kind.
You'll be remembered as a really great time.
When it's all over, look back and cry.
Get mad and talk bad about her.
Burn all the notes she wrote.
That picture she took two weeks to make, too.
Brag to your friends about how good it felt when you know she cries herself to sleep over you every night.
But she deserves it, right?
She broke your heart. Over the phone, too.
What a heartless whore.
Who does that? The little bitch!

Is that how you think of me?
Is that what you see?
How can I go from darling and dear and my love to just "her" over night?
Is what I did that terrible?
People break up all the time.

Is this all I'm good at?
Sending people to the looney bin because they tried to end their life over me?
That's not who I'm supposed to be. I try to help people. Not hurt them.
That can't be how they all see me. But it is.

What did I do to deserve this much hate?
Am I really a whore? I've probably dated less people in my life than most have in a month.
When I say love, I mean it. I never stop loving. Is that my problem? That I care so much? Does that really make me such an evil person?

I never meant to hurt anyone.
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