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Do I need to be helped?
Sometimes, I guess I want to get better, other times I feel like nothing's wrong/
Sometimes, I take a look and realize I'm almost there, but most days i just see a monster in the mirror.

Who could possibly love something like me?
Scarred by knives and haunted by the past.
Unable to show my emotions for fear they'll scare everyone off.
I'm a heartbreaker who means no harm.

I don't plan these things.

Who could love someone who can't love themselves?
With the chest of a ten-year-old boy,
the gut of an alcoholic,
and the thighs of someone who's never heard of stairs.
Eats like a bird
Ans exercises like a body-builder

Am I trying too hard or not hard enough?
Is it too much to want a few friends who I'm not afraid to talk to?

She's my only friend now.
And i don't know if she even wants to be.

If I get help it'll get bad again and my secret will be gone.
If I don't I could be slowly dying.
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