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At Some Point We All Have To Leave Home.

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Pheobe and her bestfriends move to Chicago from Newfoundland to Jumpstart their career in the music industry. What Happens when Pete Wentz signs them to Decaydance, and Pheobe starts to have these ...

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"Where is the stupid remote control?" Pheobe felt around her bed for it so that she didn't have to get up to turn off her television. She foundit in between the blankets on her bed and she turned the television off. A commercial about Fall Out Boy's new CD sowly faded away.
While glancing up at the clock that read 4:02am she groaned thinking that in a hour she had to get up and catch an early flight to Chicago with her bestfriends Tabby,Jade, and Sarah. Pheobe smiled into her pillow, realizing that she was taking a step closer to her dream.
Pheobe awoke again at 5:35am.
"Shit," she said as she rushed out of bed and over to her packed suitcase and pulled out a grey spaghetti strap top and a black hoodie that said 'love can't save you-Only my new powers can' and sled on a pair of torn jeans. She brushed her long black hair, and ran out into the kitchen grabbed a piecee of buttered toast.
"I can't believe i slept in."
She turnded th key in the ignition and drove to Tabby's house to pick up Sarah, Jade and Tabby.
Tabby hopped into the passenger seat and said:
"Where the fuck have you been? Were late!"
Pheobe mumbled that she had slept in through the toast in her mouth.
They made it to the airport, but just barely. They put their suitcases and instruments through check-in and boarded the plane. It didn't take long to take off and Sarah looked down at the earth below and said:
"Sol' along Newfoundland, i'm not going to miss ya. I'm not going to miss ya you big lump of rock."
But Pheobe was on the other side of Sarah and noone noticed that she was biting her lip and looking rather scared and she whispered:
"What have I gotten myself into?"

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