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Poltergeist: The Final Nightmare

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When Steve starts having Freddy nightmares, he keeps them to himself, but when it gets real one night, his family finds out and he has to tell them. They must once again, this time with help from F...

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Chapter 1 - The Freelings

Everyone had gone to bed. Steve Freeling was the last to fall asleep. He was having nightmares he'd kept to himself that were about to get very, very real. A man named Freddy Krueger was in them. At 6' 3½" and 186 lbs, Steve had no trouble beating up 5' 9" and 120 lbs Freddy, but this night was different. Freddy had blue eyes and was badly burnt , bald because of the burns, with a brown fedora, a red and green striped sweater, black pants, worker's boots, and a single glove on his right hand. This glove had a knife-like blade on each finger except the thumb. Steve started to fight Freddy, starting with an uppercut to the chin. Freddy cut both Steve's hands, first left then right, and his knuckles started bleeding. Steve's blue eyes stared into Freddy's in horror, as he felt the pain and knew it was real. He waited for Freddy to look away and escaped, trying to wake up. Carol Anne walked into the room during this and saw his hands getting cut. She could just about see his bones.

"Mom! Dad! Wake up!"

They bolted up out of sleep frantically upon hearing these words spoken so sharply, and stared in horror at Steve's hands. Diane saw this and bandaged his hands carefully. There was a dead silence. Steve got up to check on Robbie, who it turned out was already coming, a quizzical look on his face. Steve took him into the room, and sat him down.

"Okay, Steven. What happened?"

"I've been having dreams. No, more like nightmares."

Carol Anne heard this and asked, "Nightmares? About what, Dad?"

"A man, about 5'9", 120 lbs, severe burns, blue eyes. His name's Freddy Krueger. He tries to kill me, but I've always been able to beat him before."

"Steven, when did you start having the nightmares?"

"A week ago."

"Steven, why didn't you tell us about this?"

"I didn't want you to worry."

"Steven, it's my business to worry when somebody's trying to kill my husband."

"Well, how was I supposed know that the dreams were real, that he was real? Look, it doesn't matter anymore. What does is that he has to be stopped. And we have to be the ones to stop him."


"Well..." Steve got an idea and asked,

"Has anyone else been having nightmares like these?"

Three hands went up, those of Diane, Robbie and Carol Anne.

"So, you knew all along? Well, why don't we all have a coffee or two to stay awake?"


All four of them went into the kitchen.
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