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Ok i seriously considered making the rest of this story full of sex, lol. But we'll see how goes it.

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The next morning Kate's door flung open and Pete jumped into her room swinging Joe's light saber. As soon as he saw his sister and his best friend naked in bed he started screaming.
"MY EYES, MY EYES, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MY EYES." He wailed as he covered his eyes and attempted to walk out of the room backwards only to run into the dresser knocking everything down. As a response to Pete's yelling Joe, Andy and Sam ran into the room and had an equally as dramatic reaction to the naked sleeping couple. Kate woke up with a jolt,
"What the hell is every one screaming for?" she asked groggily and then suddenly became aware of her lack of clothing. She too screamed. Patrick was unaware of the reason for the screaming, but he did know that something was bothering his sleep, so he buried his face in Kate's chest and put a pillow over his head, mumbling something about noise. Joe, Andy and Sam laughed while Pete sat on the floor Indian style with his hands still covering his eyes.
"Get out of here you perves!" Kate yelled and threw a shoe at them. Patrick now severely annoyed with the elevating noise level lifted his head up and looked at the four boys in the doorway.
"What's going on?" He said slightly annoyed and still half asleep. Joe laughed and sang,
"I see your hiney, all bright and shiny." Patrick looked at him confused.
"What?" He questioned and looked at Kate, his eyes grew wide when he noticed she was naked. Patrick turned back around now angry.
"Get the hell out of here!" He yelled and covered Kate up with a pillow. The boys minus Pete frowned but still didn't move.
"NOW, before I go Chuck Norris on your asses." He yelled and pointed to the door. The boys obliged and Pete attempted to crawl out of the bedroom with his eyes still covered. He ran into the wall a few times but finally made it out of the room.
"DOOR." Patrick yelled and Pete crawled back eyes shut and closed the door. Once the door was shut Patrick turned to Kate.
"Where were we?" He smirked and kissed her.
"We were sleeping, goodnight." She said and closed her eyes. He frowned.
"Ok, where were we before that?" She opened one eye to look at him.
"Egh, it wasn't good enough to remember." She replied trying to hold in her laugh.
"That's mean. You're a mean person." She laughed at his response and pulled him in for a kiss. Things were getting pretty heavy when Pete accompanied by the Three Musketeers barged into the room once again, this time they were all armed with light sabers.
"CHARGE!" Pete yelled and pointed his light saber towards the bed. All four of the boys charged the bed.
"GOD!" Kate yelled. "GO AWAY!" The boys stopped just before reaching the bed.
"What do you want?" She proceeded to yell.
"We're your alternate form of birth control." Joe said with a grin. Kate and Patrick glared at them and Pete plopped down on the bed with a little container in his hand and proceeded to explain.
"Ok we're not 100% positive here but," He opened the container and continued. "These
are Kate's birth control pills, and this" he pointed to the current day of the week "is
today's pill meaning that if you continued we might have little Stumps running around. We're doing you a service. You can thank us anytime now." The other boys nodded, obviously proud of themselves. Kate groaned.
"You guys are idiots. That's not the way it works. The pill is taken around the same
time everyday, and as long as you do take it everyday you're fine. Why were you going
though my stuff anyways?" she paused, "Don't answer that." She grabbed the container from her brother and kicked him off her bed.
"Now that that's cleared up, GO AWAY." Patrick yelled. The boys pretended to be offended and strolled out of the room.
"DOOR GOD DAMN." Patrick yelled once more and Andy came back and shut the door, apologizing. Joe appeared behind him and made kissy faces until the door was closed.
"Now where were we?" Kate laughed and Patrick kissed her in response.
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