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neko love

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naruto now has cat ears and a orange fuffy fox tail and some fluff happens with kakashi too

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me: Kakashi loves naruto in this and thinks he's cuter with the fox tail and ears enjoy (yaoi included boy x boy)

"Hey kakashi-sensei!" the younger boy yelled. "yo" kakashi said "when do we start training kakashi-sensei?" "later naruto. um whats on your back?" "oh that its my tail! you like it?" "uh yeah" the older ninja blushed at how the younger looked. naruto saw this and smirked " why you blushin' kakashi?" he said with a wiggle of his eye brows. "No reason." the older lied. "oh really? okay then." the younger answered back twitching his left fox ear. "You have those too!?" kakashi said and looked like shizune when tsunade yells. "yes i do have a problem kakashi-sensei?"
"N-no i dont you just look... cute." the older whispered the last part "oh is that so? im glad to hear that." the blond jumped closer to the older and pulled his arm. "w-what are you doing naruto?" "taking you somewhere."

time skip 5 minutes.

we're here" naruto said and opened the house door. (naruto is the seme i think and kakashi is uke still i dont think its the right way.) sit down kakashi-sensei." "okay." "would you like a drink?" "sure thank you naruto." here you go." "again thank you now what did you take me here for?" "since i wanted to finally do this..." naruto said and pulled down kakashi's mask and kissed him. kakashi soon kissed back. naruto slid his tounge on kakashi's bottom lip he granted access. naruto quickly slid his tounge in kakashi's mouth fighting for dominance sadly naruto lost and kakashi explored naruto's mouth being a freakin' human they both parted to get a breath of air "meet me in you bed room" kakashi said to naruto

me: i will not be adding a second part i dont write like that unless i just read a whole bunch like that hope you enjoyed or didnt i really dont care its one of my first boy x boy
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