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Chapter 3

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Fighting Renamon, meeting a friend, and plots.

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Hello everyone! Much thanks to Daniel14541 (again), for helping me figure out how to end the fight seen.

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon.

Be Careful What You Wish For
Chapter 3
By LanHikari2000x

"What a lousy fighter. But a fight's a fight"

Takato turned to look at Rika, "Why do you have to pick a fight with us? Why not just attack the wild ones that come through everyday?"

Rika looked annoyed and a little surprised at his response, "You're here, what more reason do we need? Digimon are meant to fight, so that's what we're doing."

"If that was true, why would they come here? There are more digimon for them to fight in the Digital World."

Rika scowled, "I don't have time for this. Renamon, walk all over them."

"With pleasure." Renamon jumped into the air and prepared her attack. "Diamond Storm!" She launched a volley of ice crystals at Guilmon, whose thick skin protected him from the attack. She landed in a nearby tree just in time to jump out of the way as Guilmon launched a Pyro Sphere at her. Dodging the attack, she jumped forward to kick the dinosaur digimon. 'Who is this guy?'

Rika was checking her D-Power, trying to answer that same question, but all she got were the words 'No Data' flashing over a picture of Guilmon. "Come on, sometime today! Why doesn't it have any data on Petmon over there? This thing's a piece of junk!"

Guilmon jumped up to meet Renamon's dive, causing them to start rolling of the ground.

Rika reached into her card holder for a card that would help finish this fight. "That's just plain sloppy, Renamon." She held up a card and swiped it through her D-Power, "Dig Modify: Armor activate!" A gun-like piece of armor formed on Renamon's paw and she pointed it at Guilmon's head. "Now that's more like it."

"Guilmon!" Takato pulled a card out and swiped it through his own D-Power, "Dig Modify: Speed activate! Guilmon, move!

He did. Guilmon positioned himself to aim a Rock Breaker right at Renamon's head. It would have hit, if she hadn't moved to stand back next to Rika.

Following her example, Guilmon stood next to Takato, who spoke to Rika, "You really won't stop, will you?"

"Of course not! Renamon and I will be the best! Now stop holding back and fight!"

Takato sighed and drew another card. He didn't know why, but something inside him just wouldn't let him refuse. "If that is what you wish... DigiModify! Digivolution, activate!"

Guilmon digivolve to... Growlmon!

Rika could only stand there as this... this baby did the one thing she couldn't. How did he do that?! How did this weakling get his digimon to digivolve when she, the Digimon Queen, couldn't?

Takato was thinking along similar lines. 'How did I do that without Culumon? He needs to be close for that to work in the real world!" It had also taken a lot out of him for some reason; it felt like he had just run a mile. And that freezing sensation in his chest certainly wasn't helping matters.

Trying to get out of this potentially bad situation while still leaving her pride intact, Rika said: "Renamon, we're leaving. If this baby can't even swipe a card without passing out, he's obviously not worth our time." She then turned and left.

Renamon did not leave right away however. She had sensed something about this boy when she first saw him, and the energy he gave off during the digivolution only made her more suspicious.

She walked forward, but was stopped by a growl from Growlmon. Not willing to take any chances with the Champion, she stopped and spoke from where she was. "What are you?"

Takato seemed surprised by the question. "What do you mean? I'm human, what else could I be?"

Renamon shook her head, "Your aura is not that of a normal human." She paused for a second and said, "I must go; Rika is calling, but I'll be watching you." She left.

The danger passed, Growlmon dedigivolved to Guilmon, and Takato instantly felt the cold in his chest vanish without a trace, though he the energy that had left him did not return.

"Hm. I wonder what that was about; you don't seem any different to me. Feels more like she's missing something"

Takato looked up at the voice. "Impmon?"

Said digimon jumped down from the branch he had been standing on and walked up to Takato. "The one and only." He walked around Takato, examining him. "She is right though, Goggles. Something strange did happen when you had Pineapple Head digivolve. I wonder if it had anything to do with what happened when I..." Impmon trailed off and had the grace to look ashamed of his past actions. "Sorry about that, I was out of control."

Takato shook his head, "Don't worry about it, I forgive you. Well, I'm going home now. Do you want to come? I decided I'm not going to wait till the last second to introduce my parents to Digimon this time."

Impmon shrugged, "Sure, should be fun."

The three of them walked to Takato's house, not noticing the figure that had appeared on top of the Hut.

"So that is the one. The Master won't like this..."

The figure jumped up and disappeared into thin air.


Takato walked into the bakery. "Mom, dad, I'm home!"

Mai poked her head around the kitchen door. "Hello Takato, could you take the register?"

Takato scratched the beck of his head awkwardly, "Actually mom I wanted to tell you something..."


There. I dropped at lease three big plot points in there, and if you somehow missed all of them (they've got a paragraph each dedicated to them people!), please go hit yourself with a brick. Hard. And to anyone wondering why Impmon still knows Takato when no one else does, go back and read chapter 1, I dropped a hint in there.
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