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Don't Give Me That

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Omg. Sorry for the delay. I'm home "sick" that's how dedicated I am to my readers. My fingers hurt from typing and my stomach is gurgling from the lack of food. But Here!!!!!! Chapter 9!

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Chapter 9- Don't Give Me That

It was so cold walking down the sidewalk as I made my way to the club that was actually not that far from my apartment. I let out a shrill scream as somebody grabbed my arm and covered my mouth, dragging me into the dimly lit alleyway. When I saw the people holding me, I screamed in my mind and widened my eyes. They let go of me and pushed me towards my boss.

"Hello to explain why there has been no progress in the last week?" I gulped.

"We are going out...I haven't fully earned his trust," Massino shook his head.

"Listen, he needs to be dead by next Friday, or when you wake up you'll be in hell," I bit my lip and almost considered running. How stupid, I would be shot down and they would finish the job themselves.

"Ok boss," I mumbled and he smirked.

"You better do this Alessandra...remember what I told you," I nodded and he disappeared, the sounds of his shoes hitting the cold sidewalk, walking further in the alleyway. Holding my breath, I walked out of the alleyway and headed down to the club.


"Alex!" I smiled as I entered through the back and saw Pete jump off the couch and swing me around like a stuffed animal.

"Ok...hi Pete!" he smiled and kissed my cheek.

"Come on...I need your help putting eyeliner on," I raised an eyebrow before he grabbed my hand and dragged me by the boys sitting on the couch.

Joe smiled and Andy waved but Patrick looked a bit solemn and upset. I bit my lip and he shook his head, giving a light smile. Shrugging, Pete sat down in front of me and handed me the eyeliner. I bent over slightly and began to apply it and he kept giggling.

"Shhhh," I laughed and he tried to stay still as the other laughed at us. Pete shook his head as I finished and stood up seeing the stage manager come out.

"You guys are on in five," he smiled and jumped over to the guys and they all huddled.

I kind of stood, biting my lip and twisting the cap on the eyeliner for a couple of seconds until the guys went to get their instruments and a pair of arms encircled around me.

"You ok?" I smiled and leaned back into Pete and nodded.

"Kinda out of place...I'm one of the guys, but not really," I mumbled and Pete shook his head moving to stand in front of me.

"Not to me...your Alessandra...Alex. My sexy girlfriend," I bit my lip and for a minute I forgot about my job.

This is what I wanted. To be happy. And more specifically, happy with Pete. I smiled and nodded my head, opening my mouth to say something, but Patrick interrupted.

"Hey...we are on," Pete turned to me and leaned over making me close my eyes as he gave a light kiss.

When he pulled away, Patrick looked as though he just got over wincing at us. Patrick just patted Pete on the shoulder and walked the other way and Pete picked me up and dragged me to the side of the stage.

"Sit here and watch everything...I want you to listen to the words and remember them, ok?" I nodded and he smiled before hugging me as I sat down on an amp and watched him jump on stage with his bass.

Throughout the entire show I was so amazed at the talent the four had, for only being a band for a whole week and a half. Patrick had an amazing voice and Andy looked like Monster from The Muppets, he was just crazy. Joe was just the biggest jumper while Pete was such a character, turning around to stick his tongue out and smile at me or cross the stage to kiss Patrick on the cheek. This really made me question why I was here, only for a second. I couldn't help but fall in love with the band and the music. After the show it was obvious I was glowing with happiness while the others were glowing with sweat, and Pete jumped me bringing my down on the couch.

"Hey lover," he mumbled and I groaned.

"You smell," I laughed and he pouted.

"You don't," I giggled as the others watched.

"Let's go home,"


"So what did you want to be when you grew up?" I shrugged. As soon as Pete had dropped me off at home, he insisted he stayed for some odd reason. So now, we were lying in bed asking questions.

"I'm not sure...never was really given the chance," Pete looked over for a minute with a raised eyebrow.

"What do you mean?" I looked up at the ceiling and bit my lip.

"When both my dad died I was sent everywhere...I'm actually the last person in my family," I looked away and felt Pete bring me closer.

"I'm sorry," I shook my head as he continued. "Are you allowed to marry at least?" I widened my eyes and gulped.

"Uh..." I started and my mind began to spin.

"I'm just kidding Alex," I looked up at Pete to see him smiling.

"What about you Pete?" he shrugged.

"My parents are killing for a grandchild," I blushed and shook my head.

"I meant what you wanted to be when you grew up..." Pete smirked slightly and ruffled my hair.

"Truth is I wanted to be a Daddy...that changed around when I picked up the bass," Cue blushing and smiling.

"So you really want the band thing to happen?" Pete nodded and hugged me closer.

"I'm thinking about dropping out of my classes to help the other guys out so we can get more gigs," Cue heart stopping.

"Wh-what?" Pete chuckled.

"I'm still going to be with are going to be there every step of the way,"

And that's exactly what I was afraid of.
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