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It had to be done. my apologies. enjoy.

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Andy walked into the county jail and up to the desk. He waited patiently for the officer to acknowledge his presence, after about five minutes of being ignored he finally spoke up,
"Excuse me Officer." The officer groaned and looked up at him, a frown planted on his lips.
"You here to bail yer faggot friends out?" Andy was taken aback by the officer, and slightly confused,
"Uhm, yes?" he stated with a question in his voice.
"Well are ya, or ain't ya?"
"I'm not entirely sure we're talking about the same people." The officer groaned and yelled over his shoulder,
"Aye pretty boys is this your mommy?" Andy herd stirring and saw Patrick appear at the jail bars, he immediately shook his head 'yes.'
"Those are my friends." The officer glared at him.
"We'll lucky you."

Back at the hospital Kate had to stay overnight for observation and she let everyone go to a hotel and get some sleep. She was staring at the ceiling when she heard the door open, then shut, and muffled whispers. She picked her head up off the pillow and saw Pete, Patrick, Joe and Andy by the door arguing about something. She sighed and put her head back down. Andy noticed, nudged Pete and whispered,
"She's awake."
They all turned to look at Kate who had returned to staring at the ceiling. She sighed once more,
"Yes, I'm awake." They all rushed over to the side of the bed,
"Kate, my God, we were so worried about you." Pete said and placed a hand on her forehead.
"I can't believe you assaulted a doctor, you too Joe." Joe just placed his hands in his pockets and Pete sighed.
"We'll we're going to let you get some rest." Andy said, put a hand on Joe's shoulder and nodded to Pete. They understood and nodded and left the room, leaving Patrick and Kate alone. Patrick stayed quiet in the corner, hoping that maybe she wouldn't notice him. He was wrong.
"So which one are we going to play Patrick, you standing in the corner pretending to be invisible or me over here pretending to be sleeping?"
"It's your call."
"Of course it is." She slightly laughed.
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"Nothing, I don't know." She sighed and placed her head back down on the pillow, but raised it up again,
"Why are we even together? We're always fighting."
"Not always, just lately."
"Well since you cheated on me. 'Lately' is all that matters now because it will never be the way it was."
"I know I'm sorry."
"It's a little late for apologies Patrick, the damage has already been done." He sighed and took a seat on the floor, he didn't have the nerve to sit in the chair by the bed where he could see her face.
"I don't think we should be together anymore Patrick." She was surprised at the coldness in her voice.
"If that's what you want." He whispered, afraid that if he spoke louder that he wouldn't be able to hide the hurt in his voice.
"It's not what I want, it's the way it has to be." He nodded even though she couldn't see him, he stood up and wiped the tears that were present on his cheek.
"Uhm, I'm going to let you sleep now." He managed to squeal out as he walked to the door.
"Was it worth it?" her voice echoed in is ears, he stopped and placed his head on the door.
"You know the answer to that."
"I want to hear you say it." Patrick sighed, he knew she was doing this on purpose.
"No it wasn't worth it." He herd Kate place her head back on the pillow, and he proceeded to open the door. He figured that Andy, Joe and Pete would be leaning on the other side trying to listen and moved out of the way anticipating the others falling. He was right and the boys fell inside the room, Patrick stepped over them and pulled down the bill of his hat attempting to hide his tear stricken face. The boys quickly stood and composed themselves. Once the hospital door was closed Andy, Joe and Pete all put a comforting hand on Patrick, but he shrugged them off.
"Don't fucking touch me." He spat at them and proceeded to walk to the elevator.
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