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After the fall of the tower Schuldig wakes up on the beach hurt and without remembering who he is. As he slips in and out of unconsciousness he relives how he met Crawford and the making of Schwarz.

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A/N: This is set after the last episode of Kapitel "Ende des Weiss", but before the OVA. The story will jump between the present and the past to show how Schuldig's and Crawford's relationship develops. Each memory will be a new chapter. The date/year will be written in italics above each memory. Italics will also be used for thoughts, emphasis and non-English words (translations can be found at the bottom of the chapter). If you read the story and you like it or if you think I wrote something wrong or any other things that should not belong in the story, then it would be nice if you leave a comment. I'm writing this story not only because I think the world needs more Crawford and Schuldig ;-), but also to improve my English (it's not my mother tongue).

Disclamer: I don't own Weiss Kreuz. Brenn just borrows.

Warning: language, violence, death

talk is telepathy.


Downward Spiral



Crawford was smiling arrogantly at the sword wielding leader of Weiss and catching gracefully his razor sharp blade between his hand palms.

Short visions followed in a sequence of flashes in his mind's eye, only seconds before they were truly executed by his adversary. His mind was so focused on the fight that he did not hear the explosion destroying floor after floor until the whole building shook and finally reached him.

The ground beneath the feet of eight men, five Japanese and three of European origin finally gave away. And he was not smiling anymore; an expression of utter surprise temporary crossed his features, and then was replaced by fear of how this would end.

Not so perfect, Brad. Bet ya fifty bucks you didn't foresee this.

Falling chunks of stone from the ceiling hit the lamps shrouding them in darkness. People were screaming, he heard his own among them, but one in particular stood out from all others. It was strong and confident yelling the name of their youngest team member. "Nagi, the shield!"

Schuldig was unable to move his limbs anymore, numb from the
excruciatingly cold water and it hurt to breathe. With the last of his willpower he squeezed his eyes open catching a glimpse of a bright light coming from the surface.


There had been no one to see them fall into the abyss of the roaring sea and no one save the gulls were witnessing as it reluctantly spit a body back out on the coast.

The ebb tide left a body of a man laying flat on his back, cheek resting in the cream coloured sand and water clashing softly against his fiery red hair. As the water retreated from the body it left a fine long trail of red.

The form stirred slightly feeling the sunbeams warming his skin. His hand fell on the sand, instinctively curling and gathering some of it. With a groan he rolled on his side uncurling his right fist watching as red liquid together with sand dripped on the ground.

He had a strange dream consisting of burning bodies, screams and the awful smell of burned hair. The ground had been shaking and he had seen a man with black hair fall with him. There was also a light, he was not sure what colour, but it had been blinding and then.... Then everything seemed to stop, even breathing when he had been engulfed by ice cold water.

The dream continues and I'm still drowning, he thought listening to the sound of waves.

Although, it was a different sort of drowning, worse then the first. Cold had changed into warmth and agony; his head was whirling and falling to comprehend the growing pains coming from his chest and skull.


A voice was calling, echoing far off in the distance, strained with pain and...fear. He could understand so much that it must be a name of sorts. It sounded strange yet familiar.

Who is Schuldig?

Suddenly all thoughts dropped to the ground, like falling birds and his breath was chocked. Where there had been light, darkness was swallowing it now. It was calling seductively, urging like a prostitute inviting a client into bed in exchange for money, but before he could give in a violent force shook him sending a fresh wave of pain down his spine.

Something pressed on his belly and then he was turned around. He cough, involuntarily tasting copper along with saltwater in his mouth.

"Schuldig? Schuldig! Wake up!"

Dark blue eyes opened against the blinding light expecting to see the person that had prevented him from getting his rest. Instead he was meeting the vibrant blue sky and snow white clouds moving before his eyes.

After a while what seemed like an eternity he turned his head. Next to him was a figure laying face down in the sand, one hand resting on his chest. It was a man wearing a ripped white suit that covered half of his face. A mop of messy black hair stuck out of the jacket blinking like a gemstone in the sun.

What am I doing here? He wondered, turning back to the bright sky frowning as fog settled over his eyes, dark and smothering as a wet blanket.
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