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Growing Up

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Haley is Pete's little Sister. Haley's friends fall for her brother and friends. How will Pete and Haley handle it if their friends started dating eachother. Would they just become the tag alongs, ...

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"Hal, get out of the den! Me and the guys are gonna watch Happy Gilmore." Pete said to his little sister Haley as he walked into the den.
"No me and my friends are watching Grandma's Boy. Why don't you and your fag squad go watch Happy Gilmore up in your room." Haley screamed back at him
"No how bout you and your friends go watch Grandma's Boy up in YOUR room"
"No Pete we were in here first."
"So were older than you guys and that means we get the den"
"Pete you're so immature some times even if you are older than me and you know what Joe and Pat are only a year older than me."
"So were still older than you"
"If you don't leave now I'm going to go tell mom."
"Oh and I'm the immature one huh?"
"Damn all they do is fight about the den." Lauren one of Haley's friend said to Andy one of Pete's friend.
"I know. Okay now here comes Mrs. Wentz" Andy said right as Mrs. Wentz, Pete and Haley's mom, walked into the Den.
"Okay who was here first this time?" Mrs. Wentz asked
"I was and now Pete won't leave."
"Peter you and your friends go watch your movie up in your room. Your sister and her friends were in here first."
"Fine. Come on guys lets go up to my room." Pete said leaving the room.
"Bye girls!" Joe said following Pete along with Patrick and Andy.
"Jeeze all you and your brother do is fight about this fucking room. I mean every time were in here he has to come and try to get you out." Julie complained.
"I can't stand him when he does it but I still love him."
"I would too he's so hot" Julie laughed
"Ew, he's my brother"
"Julie, I didn't know you like Pete" Lauren stated
"Oh, and what about you and lover boy Andy." Julie spat back at Lauren
"No you know who's really hot... Patrick." Britney added to the conversation on who's hot.
"Ha-ha it's funny how all my friends think my brother and his friends are so dreamy."
"But they are." Britney replied
"No they aren't just wait to you get to know them. There're disgusting pigs." Haley said sticking her tongue out at the thought of all the disgusting stuff her brother and his friends did.
Haley and her friends finished watching Grandma's Boy and decided to go get something to eat.
"Hal, we should invite your brother and his friends" Julie suggested
"Okay, I'll be right back then" Haley said running up the stairs to her brother's room.
Haley knocked on the door a few times before Pete finally answered.
Pete opened the door and asked "what do you want?"
"We were just wondering if you and your friends wanted to go to I-hop with us."
"Yeah okay we'll be down in a minute."
"Okie dokie" Haley skipped down the stairs to her friends.
"What they say? What they say?" an excited Lauren asked
"They don't want to go sorry guys." Haley lied.
"Oh. That sucks I was so excited." A now unexcited Lauren replied
"Okay let's head out girls." Pete yelled running down the stairs and out the door.
"SHOT-GUN!" Patrick yelled following Pete out the door.
"WEDDING" the girls started cracking up as Joe yelled a line from a song from a local band from their school. The girls were best friends with the boys from Panic! At the disco. Haley had dated the lead singer since 8th grade but they broke it off at the end of last year, their junior year.
"I'll drive!" Haley said walking out to her car.
Twenty minutes later both cars pulled up to I-hop. They all walked inside and waited to be seated. They were seated quickly seeing as there were not many people in there in the late afternoon. They said down at the large booth, chatting until their waitress took their order.
"Andy stop flirting with Lauren and order your food." Joe said tapping Andy on the shoulder. Everyone started laughing as Andy's cheeks turn bright red.
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