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Day One

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Kim and Ron are starting up the mountain

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Day One

Kim and Ron bid the taxi driver goodbye, and began to ready themselves for the climb up the snowy slopes of Mt. Middleton, they were near a sheer cliff, large patches of ice hung down to the bottom of the mountain,

"And how are we going to get up that, Ron?" Kim asked, looking over at her boyfriend, who was rummaging around in his pack. When he stood up, he had in his hand, a set of ice spikes, and two ice axes,

"We climb, of course." Ron said, as though this were the only logical conclusion,

"Of course, silly me." Kim said, with a bite of sarcasm in her voice,

"This is the exact same spot I went up last year, K.P.," Ron said, now sitting down, and fixing the ice spikes on his shoes, "trust me, please."

Ron had reached into his bag after he had got ready for the climb, and pulled out a one hundred-foot length of climbing rope,

"Don't want to leave you down here, do I?" he said, throwing the rope over his shoulder, as he took a few steps back from the face of the mountain, an ice ax in each hand, he then took a running leap at the face of the cliff, and dug the matching hardware deep into the glacier, he worked his slow way up the side of the cliff, when he reached the top, he threw the rope down the side, attached to the end of the rope, were the ice spikes, and a note:

'Attach these to your shoes. They'll give you more leverage on the ice.'

Kim did as instructed, as she had never climbed the side of a glacier before, and Ron had, she sat down on the cold surface of the road, and attached the spikes onto her shoes, she then walked up to the face of the cliff, and dug her right foot into the ice, with a crunching, the spikes lodged into the ice, and gave her the necessary leverage to climb the side of the cliff,

'I just hope the rest of the climb isn't as unpleasant as this.' Kim thought to herself as she reached the top of the cliff, and looked down, she had covered a hundred feet of the mountain in less that a couple of minutes,

"That was awesome," Kim said, looking over at Ron, "Are we going to do that again?"

"Not for a while yet," Ron said, now gathering some firewood, and placing it into a bag,

"We're only about eleven hundred feet below base camp one now, and I need some firewood, the forecast calls for it to be a little bit chilly tonight, and I don't want either of us to catch cold."

"How long will it take for us to get to base camp?" Kim asked.

"We should be there by early evening, right about time for supper." Ron said,

"No lunch?" Kim asked,

"Of course there'll be lunch, silly," Ron said, "we'll not be at base camp at that time, we'll be near a small shelf about a five hundred feet below it."

Kim and Ron had come to a small clearing about twenty feet from the edge of the cliff, Kim was looking around, it had been a long time since she had seen something this breathtaking, without running after Drakken, or some other villain with dreams of taking over the world,

"This is absolutely beautiful, Ron." Kim said, an awestruck look on her face,

"Yeah, I know. This is where I made camp that first night last year." Ron said, remembering how he had started late that year, and then never made it to base camp, coming down two days later with frostbite.

Kim and Ron had made it to a small shelf near the six hundred foot mark, and ate a small lunch, some sandwiches that Ron had brought with him, and began the climb to base camp, by the time they had arrived at camp, the wind was whipping badly, and snow was starting to fall,

"I don't like this, Ron." Kim said, looking around, the clouds were steel grey in color, and looked menacing,

"Yeah," Ron replied, looking around himself, "this weather just comes up outta nowhere, and bites you in the ass, doesn't it."

"You gonna pitch the tent, or do I have to do it?" Kim asked,

"Hang on." Ron said, grabbing the tent from the bottom straps of his backpack, and setting it up, he then walked over to another, a larger tent near the edge of the ledge the camp had been erected on, Kim could hear him talking on a radio, and figured that the tent was the comm center,

"Base camp one, to mother station, come in, please?" Ron said, a crackling voice replied from the other side of the radio in the tent,

"Go ahead, base camp one." it said, Kim could only assume that it was the local park ranger,

"Do you have the weather report for tonight?" Ron asked,

"Yeah, high winds, light snow, and very cold temperatures at the thousand foot mark, and above, best bet is to get inside of a tent, and stay there for the night." the voice said,

"Roger that." Ron said, then he came out of the tent, and looked over at Kim,

"I suppose you heard that?" he asked, Kim nodded her head,

"We're bunking in for the night," Ron replied, "Park Ranger says it's supposed to get colder than a well digger's ass in Alaska, we're staying put."

"What about the sleeping arrangements?" Kim asked,

"Well," Ron said, his face contorted in thought, "it'd be better if we were both in the same tent, we can stay warmer that way."

Kim agreed, and walked into Ron's tent, it was rather larger than the one she had brought with her, but then again, Ron was the mountain climber of the bunch, he knew what it took to make it up the side of a mountain, only a few years ago, he had done what only Kim, and a few others had done, climbed to the peak of Mt. Everest, Ron had gone up the side of the mountain in less time than Kim had, and was still in better shape when he came back down the mountain, skiing down most of it, Kim couldn't help but think about the man that Ron was growing up into, he was still a little bit reckless at times, but that's what made Ron unique, he could almost tell what Kim was going to say, before she even got the words out of her mouth.

As night fell on Mt. Middleton, Kim and Ron were sitting in the tent, playing a game of chess, Kim was thoroughly beating him at this point, having put Ron in check about five times, before moving in for the kill,

"Checkmate." Kim said, sliding her bishop into a spot in front of Ron's King, thereby trapping it, he couldn't take the Bishop, because doing so, would put his King in conflict with Kim's Queen, and he couldn't move in either direction, because it would put his King in check with Kim's Bishop,

"I concede defeat." Ron said, pushing his King over with his forefinger, thereby, ending the game,

"Time to get some sleep," Kim said, looking at Ron, "we got a long day ahead of us tomorrow."


A/N: And that's the end of the first chapter, I have decided to call the chapters "Days," in this fic, because each chapter counts the number of days that Kim and Ron will be on the mountain, stick around, boys, and girls, it's going to get more, and more interesting from here on in.
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