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One is inclined to paranoia, but with good cause. Challenge #22, Accidents, for deathnote100.

Category: Death Note - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Characters: L, Yagami Raito - Published: 2005-06-18 - Updated: 2005-06-18 - 101 words


Four sugar cubes in the bowl. Five in his coffee. Three each in Matsuda's and Misa's. One in Chief Yagami's. None in Light's. Nine stacked before him, one pinched between his fingers, two balanced on his spoon, and one fallen on the table.

L frowned, distracted. He'd only let his guard down for a moment after Matsuda had opened the new bag of thirty, and one was missing. Weighing the temperaments and positions of everyone in the room during that fatal five-second gap did not help.

Next time, panda biscuits, he decided. Lower chance of accidents.

Light licked his fingers.
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