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Odies turn my sister thought of the idea.

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Odie was typing away at his laptop when his phone . He picked up his headset with mic. " Hello?" Odie asked.
" Hey cutie." A voice on the other end said.
" Melissa?" Odie asked a smile spreading arcoss his face.
" How els would it be?" Odie thought back to the other night, Him Atlanta and Theresa were at the feild hockey game. Odie was cheering them on and suplying the water to the girls who were playing. Odie then noticed out of the conor of his eye someone was looking at him. He turned his head to see who it was, His face droped when he saw Melissa the hotest cheerleader was grinning lovingly at him. Odie smiled back at him , She then set her green and yellow pom-poms down and walked over to the african american boy. They introduced themselvs and then left. Odie focoused back to the girl on the other end of the phone.

1 hour later
Odie hung the phone up and ran over to this closet. He pulled out his orange plaid tuxedo (the one he wore in the antikerhera devise.) He forced it on then tried top gel back his hair. He was so happy he had a date with a cheerleader and it was tonight. Odie rushed down the stairs past an aurging Archie and Atlanta. He didn't want to get into it. Odie hoped on his yellow bike and rode off.

Odie arrived at the school his date was already there. Melissa was wearing a green tube-top dress. Her straberry blonde hair had streaks of butterscoch in it . She slung her purse over her arm and sat on Odies bike. He had to drive slowly becasue she wAs in a strapless dress.

When Odie got back from his date everyone was in the living room. They all turned there heads to him. Neil was the first to speak. " So where where were you?" He mocked. " Ah me I was helping Hermes with something over at the school." Odie lied.
" In a tux?" Atlanta teased.
Odie thought for a moment then said " So what are we watching? Odie was tring to change the topic.
" Some sappy chick flick." Said Archie.
" TheresA picked it out." He added.
"Hey!" Theresa said anger flowing through her voice.
" Drama queen." Archie scofed.
"Archie !" Atlanta said she was standing now.
" Come on ." Said Theresa draging Atlanta upstairs.
Odie went to. He changed into his green t-shirt and brownm pj pants. He craled into his bed and let his happy thoughts takehis away.

Jay and the others were down stairs still stairing at the t.v.
he was still heartbroken form the news he had just recived. Thinking about it made him sick. Herry glaired up at him he had an odd look on his face. Jay looked away from his teammate sitting on the floor in front of him. Herry looked confused what was going on with there leader?

There an update I gave you a hint at jay's secert. But I want you to vote on who you want to be in the next chapter.

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