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Just when you think it's over ...

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It happened so fast that neither of them had time to think.

One second, Julius and Delilah were walking towards the police station, ready to finally put an end to the Academy?ACE scandal. The next second, they were pulled into a back alley by a mysterious stranger.

"What are you going to do with that?" he asked, indicating the disk in Julius' hand.

"What's it to you?" Delilah snapped.

The stranger grabbed her by the neck and held her in a headlock. He pointed menacingly at Julius. "If you know what's goof for your girlfriend you won't show that to anyone. Understand?"

The attacker then knocked Delilah out and slung her over his shoulder. He scampered up the fire escape like a squirrel. Julius tried to follow, but bullets were fired down at him. He quickly ducked behind a dumpster and waited until the gunshots stopped.

Julius clambered up the fire escape, hoping to maybe catch a glimpse of the attacker and Delilah. But they were long gone by the time he got to the top. By now, a few dozen police officers had responded to the gunshots. They called up to Julius as he climbed down slowly.

"Hey, kid, are you OK?"

"What happened?"

When he got to the bottom, one officer recognized him. "Oh my God, it's that Chevalier guy!"

The police were about to jump him when he shouted, "HOLD IT!!"

Julius took out the disk and handed it to one of the officers. "I got this at ACE headquarters."

"But ... how?" the officer stammered.

"I'm a spy, man." Julius grinned. "I know where to look for things. Only problem is ... this guy just kidnapped my partner."

"You mean Ace?" one officer asked.

Julius frowned. "No, Delilah Devonshire."

The officer shook his head. "No, I mean the kidnapper. He's the only ACE operative left, and we've nicknamed him Ace. So, he's got your partner?"

"Yeah," Julius sighed, "and if that disk goes to press, she's dead meat ..."

The officer patted his shoulder. "Aren't you lucky you ran into me, then?"

"What do you mean?"

The officer - Officer Hardy, according to his name tag - swelled up. "I have an idea where Ace is hiding out. If we get going, we can meet up with him not long after he arrives. Let's go!"

A few minutes later, Julius found himself in the passenger's seat of Hardy's car. His partner was sick with the flu. Julius smiled slightly. He hadn't expected that it would be this sear he'd sit in.

Ten minutes later, the cars pulled up in front of an old apartment building. Silently, the cops and Julius slipped up the stairs until the reached the last room on the top floor.

Hardy made eye contact with all his officers and mouthed, "One ... two ... three!"

A burly officer kicked the door down and the others flooded in.
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