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A Conversation

by Quillian 19 Reviews

A glimpse of Harry back at his home...

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Parody - Characters: Harry - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006/08/22 - Updated: 2006/08/23 - 742 words


  • The Number of Fools

    (#) shawnpickett 2006-08-23 07:31:11 AM

    Huh? That didn't make much sense. There is a huge difference between wanting to keep his privacy, and his freedom from idiots, by maintaining the illusion that he's dead, and using his son for revenge. Asking his son to keep it on the Q.T. about his real idenity isn't revenge, it's survival. While I'd be curious to see Harry wind up interacting with his old friends, I really don't see forgiveness being in the cards, a cold, if polite, acknowledgement at best.
  • The Number of Fools

    (#) banner 2006-08-31 08:18:43 AM

    Harry has made a MAJOR mistake - he didn't warn his son (or the rest of the family) that there are undoubtedly Death Eaters that wouldn't hesitate to take revenge against the one who killed their cult leader...
  • The Number of Fools

    (#) The_Resident 2006-08-31 03:48:35 PM

    An excellent character piece. I do so hope that you can update soon. I would like to see things resolved one way or the other. Harry will never have peace until he faces his betrayers once more.
  • The Number of Fools

    (#) Xurtan 2006-09-04 12:51:36 AM

    Well, I enjoyed this till the whole talk of 'Forgiveness' came up. sigh Quite frankly, if it was a normal muggle prison, I could possible see forgiveness, but this -is- Azkaban. He's lucky he isn't insane..It's akin to being mentally tortured and broken. Call me cold hearted or holding a grudge, but I couldn't forgive or even try to forgive those that betrayed me to that hell.
  • The Number of Fools

    (#) jabarber69 2006-09-09 04:15:36 AM

    Hey great you have updated, I had from ffnet last time I checked this story up to chapter 6, so from there to chapter 15 is all new.

    also I would like to comment on my remarks to hp prisoner of hogwarts where I review on chapter 6, if you check you will see my review got repeated 4 times, what happen was the review got locked up and so I back out and went back in I guess more than once before the review went thru instantly. hey blame it on ficwad cause I never seen that happen anywhere else except on skye over a year ago!
  • The Number of Fools

    (#) slashslut 2006-10-19 04:37:45 PM

    i think its ridiculous of amanda to even suggest that harry try to make up with his former friends after what they did to him. why does he have to be the bigger person all the time? humpf, i say!
  • The Number of Fools

    (#) Hamm_On_Wry 2006-12-15 02:30:00 PM

    Now that you have me well hooked, you need to update! Good story!
  • The Number of Fools

    (#) Cogster 2007-03-12 02:47:18 AM

    This is really good. I was hoping there would be a sequel. Is there any chance that you plan to pick this back up?
  • The Number of Fools

    (#) alfred7188 2007-04-22 05:36:24 AM

    sorry, but if my mates testified against me in court when they should have know id be innocent, there is NO way in hell i'd even entertain the idea of reconciliation. otherwise a great fic.
  • The Number of Fools

    (#) Chibeh 2007-05-28 12:30:38 PM

    Liking this story. I'm glad it's not just bursting around in areas. Amanda is reminding me a bit of Dumbledore, heh. I don't think Harry should be all yay I forgive you now lets all bond, but more forgive and get over it, and just stay away, pleh. Or send a lot of practical jokes. But that's me.

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