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And... We're done.

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If it wasn't for me, Joe wouldn't even be IN Fall Out Boy fan fiction.

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Pete made it back over to Andy's parent's house. He had a pretty good idea that Patrick and his other two band mates were still hiding out there. Standing under one of the upstairs windows, he looked up. Pete had felt strange ever since biting Gerard. He felt... liberated. Frowning, he pulled himself up the drain pipe, up to the window and gently pushed it open. "What kind of idiot leaves his window unlocked?" he thought. That thought was answered when he crawled into the bedroom and saw Andy and Joe. "Oh yeah, those kinds of idiots."

He never noticed how weird Andy looked when he slept. At least Andy was smart enough to put a crucifix over his bed. Pete winced when he looked at it, and quickly slipped out to find Patrick.

Andy knitted his eyebrows together and opened his eyes. "Pete?" he mumbled and sat up just as Pete left the room. Andy frowned, grabbed his glasses and went out in the hallway. Slowly, he came up behind Pete. "Pete?" he repeated.

Pete didn't turn around. "Shh. I think someone followed me here," he whispered.

"Do you want me to get Patrick?" Andy asked.

Pete grabbed Andy's arm in a death grip until Andy winced in pain. He forced Andy to face him. "I don't think you want to do that, Andrew."

Andy's eyes widened. Pete looked almost evil. "Why... why not?" he stuttered.

Pete's face twisted into a sneer and pulled Andy closer to him. He bared his fangs and brought them closer to his neck.

Panicked, Andy kicked him. "Pete!" he yelled and wiggled away from him.

Joe and his ever ready glow in the dark cross ran out of his room as Andy scampered behind him. Joe let his guard down slightly. "Pete?"

Pete was doubled over in pain. He snarled at them.

"Guys, what the fuck is going..." Patrick asked, coming up the stairs and putting his glasses on. He stopped when he saw Pete. He went over to Pete and put a hand on his friend's shoulder. "Pete, what's wrong?"

"Patrick, wait!" Andy blurted, but he was too late. Pete grabbed Patrick and put him in a choke hold.

"Pete!" Patrick exclaimed.

"Hi, Patrick," he replied, giving him an evil smile.

Frowning, Joe came at him.

"Wait Joe, don't hurt him," Patrick pleaded.

Pete snarled at him and adverted his eyes, then he gave up and ended up rolling them. "Give it up, Joe. That cross is retarded."

Joe pouted, threw it aside and sulked back into Andy's room to grab Andy's big, wooden cross from above his bed.

Patrick grabbed Pete's arm and tried to loosen it. "Why are you doing this?"

Pete brought his fangs close to Patrick's neck, and tickled it with hot, short, breaths. "Well Trick, let's just say I've discovered a vampire perk that you've been keeping from me."

Patrick knitted his eyebrows, deep in thought. Then it hit him, "Pete, you didn't."

Pete chuckled, "You know I've never listened to you, Pat."

Patrick's face fell. "Pete, don't..."


Joe got down from Andy's bed, his cross in his hand, when he thought he heard someone behind him. He turned and came face to fang with none other than the Vampire Lord.

The Vampire Lord grinned, " 'Ello."

Joe gulped and looked around for something to defend himself. He grabbed the first blunt object his hand came in contact with, one of Andy's knowledge Bowl trophies. "Argh!" Joe yelled and shoved it into the Vampire Lord's chest.

The Vampire Lord barely flinched as he and Joe kept eye contact for a second before he disappeared into a burst of dust.

"Joe!" Andy said through clenched teeth, sticking his head in his room just in time to see the Vampire Lord disappear. His mouth dropped.

Joe looked awestruck. "Andy, what'd I just do?"

"Ugh," Andy replied, blinking stupidly. "I think you just did something right." He looked back out in the hallway. "Pete..."

Pete let Patrick go, letting him drop heavily to the floor, and brought his fists up to his head. He gritted his fangs and collapsed next to Patrick.

Andy and Joe stared at them, not really sure of what to do.

Patrick finally sat up. "What just happened?"

Andy pointed to Joe, "Joe just killed..."

"Oh God," Patrick interrupted, he grabbed Pete's limp arm. "No!" he blurted and shook him. "No!" he sobbed and started to repeatedly hit him.

Pete groaned and wearily opened his eyes. "Pat, stop hitting me." As he sat up, his face furrowed in confusion when he noticed he didn't mumble when he talked. He unsurely ran his tongue over his teeth and quickly beamed. "Hey! I'm normal again!"

Patrick smiled in response and threw his arms around him.

Andy watched his fellow band mates with a knowing smug, while Joe scowled.

"Typical," he spat, "I kill Pete's worst enemy and he STILL gets all the credit."

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