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The (Not So) Unattainable

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When Louise and her brother meet Slipknot she thinks it can't get any better...

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I shook myself awake at eleven thirty on a beautiful Friday morning. I climbed out from under my sheets and turned on my CD player. As Dope's "Sex Machine" blasted through the speakers I grabbed a towel from the cupboard and headed to the shower. I looked at myself in the mirror, a purple bruise had formed on my jaw from the previous night's events...and tonight, I was going to do it all over again. Last night's events were, of course, a Slipknot concert. I had made it my mission to attend as many of their gigs as possible.

I turned on the shower, took off my pink and grey PJs and climbed in. As the the hot water trickled down my back I started to get excited about the gig tonight. Once I was finished, I wrapped my red towel around my self, I grabbed the smaller red towel and started to rub my long, fire engine red hair dry. The black streaks were starting to fade so I took a mental note and and carried on about my business. Before getting dressed, I ran out to the hotel room next to mine and banged on the door.
"Mark! Get your ass up, we gotta go shopping!"
I heard a groan from inside the room followed by Rammstein's "Du Hast". I ran back to my room only to be stopped before I got to the door.
"Hey you!" A man's voice bellowed.
I turned around slowly, "Yes?".
"You wanna buy a VIP pass for Slipknot's gig tonight?" He questioned.
"Is it ligit?"
"Yeah, I was gonna go but my girlfriend's in labour. I'll take fifty dollars for it."
He showed me the pass. It had VIP in huge letters then details about the concert. It looked real.
"I'll have it, wait just a second, I'll go get the money."
I ran into my room, grabbed my wallet, got out the appropriate amount of money and ran back out to find the guy waiting. I handed him the money, he handed me the pass, I said thanks and he ran off. I jumped around my room for about half an hour then there was a knock on the door. It was my brother, Mark. He was just notifying me that he heard about me getting a pass and was off to buy one for himself.

About twenty minutes later I was ready and just leaving to find a salon somewhere. With me being british and all, I didn't know my way around Newark too well. I wasn't wearing any make up, my hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail. I was wearing a pair of black bootleg jeans , my New Rocks, a NBC skinny fit t-shirt and my studded belt with an Ace of Spades belt buckle. My chains jingled as I walked to the elevator, being on the 4th floor is no joke. As I got out of the hotel and onto the street I realised I really didn't have a clue where there was a salon. I walked around for a while until I spotted one that looked reasonable. I entered made my way to the desk.
"Hey, do you have any spaces free for today before five?"
"What do you need doing?"
"I just want my streaks re-done."
"We can fit you in, ten minutes. Wait over there."

I left the salon, it was around two o clock and I needed breakfast. I found a little place that served up a mean bacon roll, so I sat and enjoyed that for a while. When it came to three o clock, I decided to head back to the hotel and get ready. On my way back, I spotted a bunch of "Gangstaz". As I walked past, they stared at me before one of them stopped me. He didn't say a word and dragged me over to the rest of the group. None of them were talking, just staring. I tried to walk away but the big one had a hold on my arm.
"Look, just fuck off, I can't be arsed with this shit." I told them fiercely.
The guy that was holding me back handed me across the face. I yelped loudly, catching the attention of a passer-by. He stopped abruptly and walked over. He was familiar in a way. When he spoke I realised who he was.
"Let go of her you dicks. Didn't your mommy ever tell you not to hit girls?"
The big one let go of me and walked over to Joey (Jordison...that's right). Just as he raised his fist, two very tall and scary men sauntered up behind Joey, Mick and Jim. I was in awe of the whole situation, three of the coolest people on Earth helping me out. Jim beckoned me over to him, I ran to him and he pushed me behind him while Mick was having words with the big guy. Eventually, the "Wu-Tang Clan" walked away it was then I realised what was actually happening. Joey turned his attention to me, I kept my head down. He put his hand under my chin and lifted my head up and looked directly into my eyes.
"You OK?"
"Yeah, I'm fine. I gotta go, I'll you lot tonight and thank you properly." I replied with a grin. They all smiled back and said their farewells. I headed back to the hotel very proud of myself for concealing my excitement so well.
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