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grow up!

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Archie and Atlanta think about why they both argue.

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Eventually (with Herry's help) they got the two teens to stop fighting. But

instead of apoligizing and laughing about how stupid their arguement was, like

they normally did, they both went up to their rooms and slammed their doors shut

without a single word to anyone.

" Okay," Jay sighed, " That did not go well."

" You said it," said Odie, " I thought those two would tear each other apart if

Herry hadn't pulled them away."

Theresa was worried about Archie and Atlanta. Sure, they got into a lot of

fights but they would usually laugh about it five minutes later.

Jay saw the look on Theresa's face. He put a hand on her shoulder, " I'm sure

it won't be too long before things are normal between them again."

Theresa felt her heart beat quicken at the feeling of Jay's warm hand on her

shoulder. She sighed.

" I hope you're right."


In Atlanta's room...

" Oh my god," said Atlanta to herself, "why does he act like such a jerk. Him

and his stupid machoness, his stupid pride, and his always "I can take care of

myself". Oh I'm sure he can!" she punched her pillow in frustration, " All those

times I've saved his life and how many times did he thank me? ONCE!" she punched

her pillow again, "Whether he likes it or not, I've always got his back."

Atlanta sighed and layed her head on her pillow. It wasn't long before she fell

into an uneasy sleep.


In Archie's room...

" Oh my god," Archie muttered to himself, "why does she have to be so darn

complicated. Her and her stupid competiveness, her stupid pride, her stupid

"oh I can run faster than you." I know already!" he sighed and smiled a bit, "she

sound like me. Which is why I like her so much," then he frowned, " That time I

saved her from that idiot Pan and WHAT does she do?! She calls me a dork! A DORK!

Well there's thanks for you. But whether she likes it or not I've always got her


And with that he layed his head on his pillow and fell into an uneasy sleep.

Not knowing that his red-haired friend was just thinking the same thing about

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