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Let's GO!

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The girls get prepared for the adventure for the sewers with a little help from Herry's truck.

Category: Class of the Titans - Rating: G - Genres: Action/Adventure, Humor, Romance - Published: 2006-08-26 - Updated: 2006-08-26 - 324 words

So Atlanta and Theresa began to pack the things they would need for

the 'search and rescue.' They packed all the weapons that the team used

(which included Jay's xixphos, Archie's hephaestus whip, Herry's unbreakable rope,

Neil's tazer- apparently the boys didn't think about bringing thier weapons with

them that night- Atlanta's laser crossbow, and Theresa's nunchucks.)

Atlanta smirked a the thought of trying out Archie's hephaestus whip. She had

always wanted to try it out but the stubborn side of him refused to let her. She

could just see the look on his face when he finds out that she used it.

Then Theresa spoke up, interupting her thoughts, " I don't think all the boys

will be able to fit in my car after we rescue them."

They both got up and headed out the front door, "So what do we use?"

asked Atlanta.

There they spotted Herry's truck (the boys had walked during their night

out) and a slow grin appeared on both of the girls faces.

"I'll drive," said Atlanta grabbing Herry's keys and eagerly hopping into the

driver's seat.

" Herry's soooo gonna kill us," laughed Theresa.


Meanwhile down in the sewers...

" So Jay," said Odie," where are we?"

Jay remembered what Atlanta said about not telling Neil, but he could resist

to see the look on his teammate's face. So he told them anyways.

" We're trapped in the sewers," he said simply.

" W-w-WHAT!" stammered Neil, and the he feinted, causing the other boys to

laugh hysterically.

While Herry tried to wake Neil up, Archie asked Jay, "so how are we gonna get

out of here?"

" The girls are gonna get us out of here."

Archie paled, " the girls? Meaning Theresa and... Atlanta?"

"Yeah," Jay looked at him with an odd look on his face, " what? Are you

afraid to be saved by a girl?"

" No I'm just afraid to see the smug look on her face, when she does."

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