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3. Triads and Tribulations

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Explosions and Bitchs, Alex leads the assault on Chinatown

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Alex pulled himself into the sentinel and cranked it up. They were to hit a famous Chinese landmark. A multiplayer building in the heart of Chinatown. In the lane next to him was Kate. "Damn women" he thought to himself. The rain still poured through the streets from yesterday. They pulled into the parking lot of those buildings Alex had seen on postcards. A clay tiled roof of an Asian building. They both reached into their passenger seats and emerged with M16's and walked through the front doors. Using the element of surprise ass soon as they entered the building, they rained on the guards a front desk with a volley of bullets. The first floor looked like a war zone as they fought their way through groups of triads. Soon they had reached the third floor, where the president of the Triad Fish company was, they entered. Crouching behind his desk was a portly Asian man trembling. "Wh-what do you want. Whoever's paying you ill double it. Triple it!" the man got out before the two blasted into his chest with bullets throwing him back against his wall and splattering blood across it.

"There. We're done, lets get out." Alex said as he turned. Only to see Kate holding her Ak47 towards him. He turned around lowly putting his hands up. "Why let him triple it, when I get your share anyway?" she said. "What the fuck are you talking about?" Alex asked moving away from her. She circled him and said "Salvatore's tired of you Alex. He needs a new dependable body guard. He needs a new look, you know like a new suit or something. In other words. Half of my pay, is for killing you." She pulled the trigger and Alex jumped out of the way behind a wooden support beam. She circled around as he jumped behind the dead presidents desk. Under it he came up with a shotgun. He was about to jump up and fire, but as he stood up a white light came from behind him and before he knew it, he was thrown across the room, over the desk and past Kate, as she was forced back as well. The white light faded and the ringing stopped as he looked around and saw a huge gap in the rooftop.

He got up and peered over the edge and jumped back in time before bullets flew past his head. A army of triads had gathered outside. He turned around just in time to get hit in the face but the gun. He looked up and Kate was over him. "Sayonara, Alex." as the words came out of her mouth, a small object landed next to her feet. She looked over and as she did, Alex kicked out her leg and flipped back onto his feet. He ran for the opening. As he did, more objects flew through it. He knew what they were. By the time he had reached the opening, the first grenade exploded and propelled Kate out the opening, as Alex went airborne he grabbed the side of the tiled roof. Then the others began exploding. His small chunk of floor was suddenly floating. He looked at what he was holding as it flew off the building, ad the other floors began collapsing. He flailed his arms in what felt like slow motion. He looked back in time to feel he hard bed of a triad truck. He looked us as he lay on the roof. Back at the monument which was laying in ruins, many triads had began running after the truck.

"Salvatore set me up." he thought to himself. From his upper back he un-holstered his two pistols. He took two shots at the men who were fallowing and fell them both. Soon the truck neared Luigi's, where Salvatore told them he'd be celebrating their victory. He would have been leaving soon. He hid in a alleyway opposite Luigi's. He held his pistols to his side. The rain poured even more. Suddenly, a line of Mafia men came out to a Cruiser. Alex raised his guns. Salvatore began walking out. He almost had a shot, and just as he pulled the trigger, he heard a almost accompanied bang, throwing his aim off. He saw where his bullet pierced the side of the building, near Salvatore's now bleeding body. He had fallen to the ground, although Alex's shot didn't hit him. Alex looked up to his far right, sat a sniper. A black leather jacket, and khakis. Not close enough to get a facial description.

And just as lightning stuck, he was gone, and after a few seconds, a yakuza stinger flew out of the alleyway and past Alex. Then he got it. He looked into the mans eyes. Not a normal mans eyes, or even a normal hit man. Alex had seen eyes like that. Men who could kill their best friend, because they couldn't feel compassion. Would kill to hear the scream. To see the blood. And then nothing. The car rounded a corner and headed towards The recently rebuilt Callahan bridge. He looked back to Salvatore's body, now surrounded by weeping Italians. Alex looked around and flagged down the nearest cab and took a ride home. He sat alone in his apartment. Looking at his guns and thinking. The man who had watched him all his life, tried to kill him. Practically his father. "He probably alerted the entire family of me, just in case my partner couldn't finish me off." he thought to himself. He then remembered the yakuza stinger he saw leaving the scene. He was on good terms with the yakuza. Considering that he and Asuka where 'friends with benefits' he could probably get some information about the shooter from her. About an hour and half, he lay in the velvet sheets with Asuka lying next to him. "So, do you think can you I've me any information on this mystery shooter?" Alex asked. "He's a new guy, Maria recommended him. He doesn't ask question, something harder and harder to fin lately." Asuka relied. Alex leaned over her. "Thanks Asuka, your the best." he said and got up. "Don't think your out of debt yet, I expect three more visits, this week." Asuka said. "Yea, ok Asuka." Alex said sliding on his sweater and closing the door behind him.

As Alex walked out and to his Infernus, the shooter coincidentally got out of a car on the other side of the parking lot. Alex closed his door and leaned against the car. The man locked eyes with him and walked straight up to him and got in Alex's face. Alex smirked while clenching his teeth. "You got something to say bud?" Alex asked in a harsh whisper. The man slowly smiled then slowly backed away still looking at him and walked into Asukas. "Punk ass." Alex said getting in his car.

The next day Alex awoke in his Staunton island apartment. Rising up he opened the curtains and looked at the new day in Liberty. The sun shown in his face. He holstered his pistols and headed for the elevator. He loaded his guns and locked them as the elevators doors were opening to the lobby. He looked up and jumped behind the nearby bushes. In the lobby stood a group of triads, somehow tracked him here. They were arguing with the check in maid. He could see them being hostile, just before they put two shots in her. They began walking for the elevator and he ducked lower. As they neared him, a noise was heard from the doors. the triads turned around to be face to face with a group of Italians who already had their guns on them.

Before they could move, all of their pistols fired and dropped all of the triads. They walked and stepped over the bodies and got in the elevator. Just as Alex heard the elevator door closing, he looked around the door and tossed in two hand grenades and ran for the front door. Just as he walked out a blast was heard and a layer of smoke and dust fell from the building.

Outside he sat in to the dead mafias sentinel and drove off. Trying to remember some more connections he remembered one of his old buddies who just got out of prison. 8-ball. He pulled down the dirt drive way and stepped out. He walked up to the door and before he could knock he heard the voice. "Heeeeyyy man, its been awhile." 8-ball said coming out and hugging Alex. "Yea man so how long you been out." Alex asked as they entered the house. "Bout' two weeks now." 8-ball said. "How are your hands healing up?" Alex asked sitting down. "Good man good, you know I couldn't believe I wired that sucker wrong. Man I had just go it on the customers car and as i'm closing the door, it all catches on fire. Burned my hands all to shit." "Well hey man, i'm a little stripped for cash, you got any thing for me? Alex asked. "Naw man, my only connection in this city died last night." 8-ball replied. "Well if you hear anything, gimme a call." Alex said as he got up. "Yea man defiantly. You take it easy." Maybe Asuka could get him some work.

"So where's your little lap dog?" Alex said as he lay beside her. "We sent him on a little errand. A little money delivery." she replied laying on his side. "Anything you got for me?" Alex asked. "Ill check in the morning." Asuka said. "Then ill stay here for tonight." Alex said. The next morning Alex got up and found a note Asuka left. "Dearest Toy, there will be an drug export over at the airport in Shoreside. Hangar four. My men would come and assist you with a getaway plane." Alex dropped the letter and walked outside. Soon he was coasting down the bridge and pulled behind the airport. He picked up speed and plowed the yakuza stinger through the gates. He slowed to a stop, near hangar 3. Getting out and getting his pistols he neared hangar 4. He slowly peered over and saw Columbians loading trucks. But the trucks weren't theirs, they were triads. It looked like the triads and Columbians had made a deal. e looked around, there were too many for him to take until suddenly, a van pulled up a few yards behind him, and out of it came eight fully armed yakuzas. "Were here to help. " one said.

"OK just blanket them with bullets." Alex said. He nodded and counted to three. "One. Two...three!" Alex said and jumped around followed by the yakuza as they layered the cars, trucks and Columbians with bullets. Within seconds here was no resistance left and the checked the trucks. Loaded with SPANK, guns and more illegal substances. "Ok everyone, load a plane." Alex said as he holstered the gun. He paced around as the last crate was placed in the cockpit of a very old supply plane, large and rusty. He nodded for the pilot to take off as he watched.

He began walking towards he plane where a light purr came from behind. He turned n time to see a squad of Mafia sentinels. "Tell the pilot to go, ill catch up!" Alex shouted as he pulled out his pistols. The plane began rolling. The mafia sentinels showed no sign of slowing. Alex took aim an before the cars got to him, took out the left tire and driver of the lead car. It swerved out of control before flipping to its side and rolling.

Alex turned around and began running towards the plane which had picked up speed. He ran as the yakuza opened the side hatch. He jumped up reaching for one of the outstretched hands hand grasped. As he did, a car pulled up under him, knocking his legs out. Alex fell onto the hood of the car, which was speeding under the lifting plane. Alex looked up to see the mafia driver and looked as he smiled. The man pulled up a gun and Alex ducked as the bullets streamed past his head and through the front window. Alex waited for a pause before jumping up and kicking the window in, cutting the man, Alex looked up and the rear tire of the plane began to pass, and as it did, Alex jumped up on the landing gear and as he did shot down at the driver, suddenly capping him and the engine. Flames sprouted out and suddenly a burst of flame licked at Alex's feet. The car body slide under the plane before grinding to a stop. The landing ear retracted and Alex slide inside. He walked up front and met up with eh Yakuza. Out the window they were nearing Staunton Island. When suddenly the plane shook violently and from the back, flames began. Outside the window, three streams of smoke leaked after them as he realized they were surface to air missiles.

He ran to the cockpit, but it was too late, the left wing gave out as they swirled to the left down over the park. Alex braced as the planes wings clipped and broke away on buildings as the rest of the plane slide onto the ground. Still at top speed, the plane ran down the street, pat the construction site and over the edge into the hospital parking lot.

Slowing to a stop, Alex got up, feeling his arm weakened and blood dripping from his forehead. Out of the crate he grabbed a Ak47 and awoke he surviving crew to arm themselves. As they looked outside the crashed plane windows, Mafia sentinels pulled up and the rain followed them. Two emerged from each car, wielding shotguns to pistols. Alex looked at the rest. "Ready, on my call. One. Two. Three!"
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