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Full Moon Lovers

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two lovers under a full moon.. Slash HPSS (unbetaed: all mistakes are mine)

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Disclaimer: nope not mine.. belongs to JK..
Note: this is unbeated, all mistakes are mine.
A/N: there are two versions to this story... slash and het...I'll be posting both here.. :)


He stood upon the crest of the moonlight hill, his eyes gazed across the valley spreadout before him. Up in the cold Winter sky, a majestic full moon gave the valley an etheral glow. Closing his eyes and breathing deeply, he caught the scent of his lover on the light wind as a lonesome howl pierced the countryside.

Opening his eyes and looking to the valley below, his eyes caught the sight of an approaching wolfe. His heart leapt with joy.

His dark eyes, glowing in the darkness, his raven colored fur catching the light of the moon, as he raised his head and called to his lover to join him on this winter night.

"Severus," he whispered.

His name envoked images of a time past when they couldn't stand to be near one another let alone find salvation from the darkness that threaten to drown his very soul. What he found was a lover with a whiskey rough voice and soft like melted chocolate....and friend who accepted him and understood him.

Someone that understood Harry Potter.

Someone to stand beside him in this War.

And it was a War like no other with a Dark Wizard who wanted him dead or at his side. Who wanted him and the very same darkness to help him subdue the world into submission for them to rule.. Or him to rule.

It was a night much like this one. A full moon and a brittle cold. You could feel the Evil hanging in the air. The messy haired young man found himself being pusued through the forrest by masked men in dark robes. He ran straight into a tall dark haired man, right into his strong arms. His only words, "trust me."

They disappeared into thin air.

A man much like himself, he had tasted the darkness in his soul, served it and then walked away from it's corruption. Together with him at his side, he showed Harry how to control the darkness and the embrace the good in life. He in turn, taught the man how to live again.

The War is over now, and no more hiding in the shadows. Severus stood with him and their friends at that final battle and watched the fall of the Dark Lord.


Tonight they will run under the full moon on this cold brisk winter's night.

"Severus." His name a carress on the wind.

Drawing his magic to him, feeling it curl around him like a lover, surging through his body, he called to his beast.

And the beast answered.

In the place where a handsome man stood, now a graceful and sleek wolf. From deep within, he howled, calling his lover, answering him.

Somewhere moments later, on the valley floor, they met and began to dance under the moon.

Only way lovers could.

In the early morning hours, two humans, laid curled together, wrapped up in one another. "Ah, Harry," he whispered.


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