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Frost flowers arival

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Frost flower has come

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The next day Frost flower explained everything to the clan just as she had the night she arived
"i am frostflower a cat from the star clan i have already died fighting the blood clan many years ago before any of you were born except oneeye she was a kitten. the star clan beleived i was the strongest in the clan so they have sent me back to help you in your battle against the blood clan."
"you mean to say that thunder clan has fought blood clan before i thought they were new" asked spekled tail
"yes many years ago we lost badly and had trouble findeing new cats for the clan"
"If you were so strong then why did u die in the battle" asked dustpelt rudly
"because we had no choice blood clan said that if we sacrificed half our clan they would leave us alone"
"so you were one of the sacrifices? that was really brave!" mewed braken fur dreamily.
"umm thank you" frostflower said embarresed.
"well i think we should let frostflower rest for a while and then she can tell us some of her plans for defeatng blood clan." said fire star. he showed her to her den
"this is where u will be staying is it alright?" said firestar
"actually i will need to go back to star clan everynight, i need to tell them whats happening"
"oh ok then goodnight"
"oh and could you tell me alittle about brakenfur?"
"ok well hes never fallen in love but hes very brave and loyal, why?"
"oh well he just reminds me of someone, anyway goodnight, il discuss the plans with starclan and il see you tomorrow morning."
"wait...huh" said firestar suddenly but frost flower was gone.
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