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The Last Day Home. || Purplephone.

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I have to say, this chapter turned out a lot hotter and a lot more intense than I thought it would. Oh well, all the more reason to enjoy - yaoi pairing.

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The door slammed shut.

Scott’s lips curled into a mischievous smile, “Mm, Vincent, hon~”

Vincent looked up from the book he was reading, instantly alerted by Scott’s tone. He only had to take one look at him to know what he wanted.

Scott walked over to the end of the bed and put his hands down on the covers, leaning on his arms. He gazed at Vincent through his eyelashes, his dark eyes glowing with something close to hunger, “Tonight’s our last night before we go back to work.”

“Is that so?” Vincent pretended to sound disinterested, closing his book and putting it on the bedside table, “That’s nice. I don’t see how that effects me, though.”

Scott uttered the deepest of chuckles, a guttural sound that made Vincent’s stomach swirl, and crawled onto the bed. He slunk up to him, finally stopping when he was on his hands and knees over him, “Well, I thought we might do something… fun, for our last night.”

“Oh? What did you have in mind?” Vincent looked up at Scott coolly, trying to still the excitement that stirred deep within him at the look in Scott’s eyes, the deep ache that suddenly began below the fabric of his pants, the urge to grab him and kiss him and fuck him until the ache was satisfied.

Scott laughed, obviously not having any of Vincent’s claim to innocence. He leaned down, his lips brushing teasingly against Vincent’s, “How long would you say it’s been since you touched me, Vincent?”

Here came the dirty talk, again. Gawd, nobody could get Vincent hot like Scott could. He finally gave in, a small grin appearing on his face. “Mm, I’d say it’s been far too long~”

“You’re damn right,” Scott purred, his breath sweet against Vincent’s lips. The way they were so close to touching, Scott’s chapped lips grazing over Vincent’s, was driving him to the brink of insanity. Gawd, what he wouldn’t do to have Scott just that millimetre closer…

“So what do you say, Vincent?’ Scott’s hand ran up Vincent’s side, his eyes closing as he tilted his head just slightly, “Tell me. What are you going to do to me tonight?”

It was Vincent’s turn to chuckle, “I’m going to make sure you can’t walk in the morning~ I’m going to make you scream louder than your first time~ I’m going to make you come until you don’t even know who you are anymore~”

“Mmm,” Scott smiled against Vincent’s mouth, “I like the sound of that.”

And like that, they were kissing. It was pure ecstasy, Vincent’s body filled with waves of euphoria as their tongues fought for dominance, teeth scraping against each other. Moans bubbled up Scott’s throat, only to be instantly swallowed by Vincent’s lips.

Scott wove a hand into Vincent’s hair, grabbing tightly and tugging, finally bringing forth a reluctant groan from the dominant man. Scott’s lips tugged into a satisfied smirk, as the momentary distraction allowed him to slip his tongue into Vincent’s mouth.

Usually, Vincent detested acting submissive - or so he said - but deep down, Scott knew he had a total kink for being dominated, if not all the way. And so every once in awhile, when Scott was feeling particularly… in the mood, he let his dark side come into play.

And tonight, Scott was more in the mood than he had been in a long time.

Scott let his tongue explore Vincent’s mouth, licking his teeth and dragging his tongue against Vincent’s. He could tell, by the way Vincent was breathing heavily through his nose, that he was trying hard not to let out a keening groan. Scott tried hard not to smirk, knowing exactly how to make Vincent melt. He ran his tongue teasingly along the roof of Vincent’s mouth, and Vincent lost it. He let out a muffled moan, pulling Scott closer to him, and Scott grinned. Now this was more like it.

The fight quickly returned to the kiss, Vincent’s own tongue joining the battle against Scott’s, both the men groaning into each other’s mouths. They were immersed in the kiss, wanting to concentrate on nothing but the passion, the ferocity, the sheer intensity of their lust for each other. Blood was starting to rush South, and fast. The desire in Scott burst into existence like liquid fire filling his veins, the desperate, aching, burning need to be touching more than lips, to be pinned under Vincent and have his body taken to the very limits, a concentration of bliss and poison so intoxicating that it would have Scott begging, begging for more.

Scott broke the kiss roughly, panting, his words breathless and pleading, “Vincent, please, I need more…” He leaned in again, kissing one last time, his thoughts fogged and confused by an even more powerful urge, “Baby, Vincent, I need you so badly... need you inside of me so badly, mmnh…”

“Scott…” Vincent breathed, his voice shrouded by a similar desire. His hands roamed down Scott’s back, electricity lighting up his fingers’ path to Scott’s hips. He grabbed his hips and forced him down, Scott crying out as they collided.

Scott gasped, the friction against his full erection was too much to bear. He threw his head back as he forced his hips down further, grinding against Vincent in an attempt to satisfy his insatiable thirst for more.

Vincent grabbed his shoulders and somehow forced him down without ever missing a beat, connecting their lips in another heart-stopping kiss. Scott tried to pull his coherent thoughts together enough to kiss back, the long, low moans from deep inside him interrupting every few seconds.

Their bodies began to subconsciously move in sync, their bucking hips finding a rhythm against each other that was smooth, and constant, and had the rest of the bedroom swirling away into heavy breathing, moans and creaking bedsprings.

Scott broke this kiss to lean his head back, a breathy “Oh, God…~” escaping his lips. Vincent reached up to attach his teeth to Scott’s neck, sending impossibly more jolts of pleasure down to Scott’s groin.

Vincent,” Scott managed, grinding his hips into his boyfriend’s in a way that forced him to let go of Scott’s neck, instead letting out a low growl of satisfaction. “Vincent, I- ohh, yes - I… I’m…” Another long, desperate moan and Scott felt the first waves of his climax approaching. Now that the end was in sight, the focus of his desire changed. He moaned again, “Vi-incent, oh~” His hips bucking more impatiently, his breaths becoming faster and the pleasure growing, a tight knot in his stomach forming.

“Fuck, oh, fuck, me too,” Vincent purred, pulling Scott down into another kiss, his hips meeting the tempo of Scott’s as Scott’s eyes rolled back.

“Oh God, oh yes, oh, Vincent,” It was all Scott could repeat, Vincent slowing down just enough to make sure that Scott was absolutely right on the edge, an incredible sense of ecstasy more powerful than any before filling Scott’s blood with each beat of his heart. Oh, he wanted it, he wanted it more than anything else. He wanted Vincent to fuck him, and fuck him, and fuck him until neither of them could move another inch. He wanted to orgasm with him, wanted them both to scream out their pleasure in sync, and oh God, he was close, oh GOD, he was past the point of no return and holy FUCK!

“Vin- Vincen- V- Oh, oh, Aa-Aaagh!” Scott gasped, his head whipping back as his body exploded into orgasm, pleasure hitting him like a truck. Wave after wave of earth-shattering pleasure wracked his body, his orgasm seeming to last for an eternity and a half, his hips still grinding, softer now but still moving in a desperate attempt to get as much as he could out of his climax. Every muscle in his body turned rigid with the sheer force of which he came, turning him into a moaning, trembling mess. His hips twitched as another wave of pleasure hit him, like an aftershock.

He was barely aware of the thrusts that continued rock his whole body as Vincent’s moans became louder and closer together. There was a sudden, sharp moan of delight, followed by a much longer, deeper, powerful one as the thrusts began to slow.

Scott collapsed against Vincent’s chest, able to feel his heart racing underneath his ear. All was silent apart from both the men panting, the occasional shudder and moan as the electricity still coursed through them, riding out the rest of their orgasms with their arms around each other.

Once the pleasure had ebbed into a deep, content throbbing, Scott pushed himself into a sitting position, straddling Vincent’s hips.

Vincent hissed slightly, shifting, “Gentle, be gentle, Scott. I’m still recovering.”

“You bastard,” Scott panted back, grinning. He looked down at the wet patch in the seat of his pants, “You couldn’t even wait to get my clothes off, you horny little shit.”

“Yeah, like pausing to take off your jeans was the foremost thought on your mind,” Vincent snapped back, no real venom in his words. He looked down at Scott and smirked, “Well, you can’t be too pissed at me.”

“Oh?” Scott asked, “Why’s that?”

“Because you’re still hard.” Vincent snickered, “Who’s the horny little shit, now?”

“Aw, come on,” Scott leaned forward, pressing his lips against Vincent’s in a short, sweeter kiss. One with less desire, more love. “The last time we made love was a month ago. I need more than one climax to make up for it, honey.”

Vincent grinned, wrapping his arms around Scott’s chest, “I bet you $20 I can make your second orgasm better than your first.”

Scott chuckled, “I’ll take that bet and double it.”
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