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black hole and broken doors

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Archie makes his next mistake.

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Okay I am bored so I will write here you go.

It was 11:36 and the only one still downstairs was Jay. Everyone els had ran upstairs and slammed their door shut. In the end Herry broke his. The constant slamming of doors echoed in Jay's ears. We really blew it this time he thought. We are terrible friends we ditched them at the movies and now we are not speaking to each other. Even if it was for Archie and Atlanta's own good. But they shouldn't have taken it so hard if I was ditched at the movies with Theresa I would be happy with my friends. Well of course Archie and Atlanta aren't Theresa and I. Jay got up from the couch and went up to his room. He too slammed his door shut but not hard enough to brake it. He laid on his bed and fidgeted with the white and blue blanket. Soon after he fell into a long and uneasy sleep.

Atlanta sat on her bed, The green comforter was messy form the other night. Stupid Theresa. She thought setting me up like that. She should mind her own bisness. Even if she was trying to be a good friend. She hoped Archie would still help her study after the big fight. Atlanta deiced that it was to late to think about these things and she curled up in her warm bed.

Neil was in his room looking in one of his many mirrors. He was practicing for the big shoot tomorrow. But it was no use Archies mean words still rang through him. " Neil stay out of this just worry about what is most important to you, Yourself!" Was he really like that sure he carried a mirror with him but that didn't make him self-observed did it? Neil deiced to get some sleep it was late and he needed to look good for tomorrow.

Theresa was lying in her bed asleep but it was not a good one. She was tossing and turning in her large bed. Everything was blue like in her visions. She saw an old book and Cronos. Theresa woke up her silk sheets were wet from sweat. Theresa calmed down and took a sip of water from the glass on her table near her bed. She took some breaths and then fell back to sleep this time a more peaceful one.

It was past 12 when all the titans were down stairs. Still no one spoke. Finally Atlanta spoke up but in a whispered tone. " Um Archie are we still going to study today?" Archie looked up from his toast and said " Ah yeah I suppose." Atlanta just nodded her head.

Today the two were studying in the kitchen. Totally unaware of what was happening upstairs.

Cronos stepped through his black and red portal. He arrived in Atlanta's room. He walked over to her wooden desk. Once he found what he was looking for he replaced it with the spell book that he ordered. "The poor fools won't know what hit them." He laughed then went back through the portal.

"Archie let me go grab my math book." Atlanta said as she entered her room. She found it laying on her desk opened to a certain page." I must have bookmarked this page yesterday. She thought. Atlanta found Archie down stairs in the kitchen where he was when she left. Atlanta sat down next to him and sat the book down. She glanced at it the showed it to Archie." What does this mean?' She asked. Archie took the book at looked it over. He read what it said out loud. Suddenly the room started to spin and Atlanta and Archie were sucked away into a dark hole.

There you go hope you like it R&R and I will try to update soon.
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