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news from the broken team may break them even more

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okay this chapter is not about any character but about all of them and I think that I may make a squele but here goes.
P.S I'm at a bad keyboard so bear with me.

Chapter 8 Or is it 9
" So Neil dude are you ready for the big match?" A short plump boy in a plaid shirt with tight brown pants asked. " Yeah I guess so." Neil said looking over his freshly done nails.Neil looked over at the short boy in front of him. " Hummmm?" Neil mumbeled to himself " Ah-ha dude let me help you." Neil aid reaching over to the boy. " What are you doing?" He asked. " Making you look better." Neil replied simply. He untucked Buzz's shirt so it no longer was in his pants. Neil smiled proud of his work then motioned for the young boy to go.Mabey he should tell the guys about his new found hobby. They wouldn't get it I'm the guy who is in love wityh himself I can't just change that. Besides there is nothing nerder then chess. The guys think I'm at a photo shoot well all execpt for Odie he was the only one who new about this. " Okay it's time for the match to begin lets here it for Neil Jensons, He will be playing aganst our all time champion Greg Snow!" An anouncer said. Neil took a few deep breaths and steped out on the stage. It only took Neil about 6 moves to beat Greg. He was then awared a nice shiney trophey. Neil walked home with his trophey, He could see himself in it Neil played around with his hair a bit then contuined walking.

Odie was suposed to meat Melissa in the park at 8:00 It now was 7:57 Odie adusted his belt. He was in a orange sweater and blue jeans but they were too big so he needed a belt to hold them up. Melissa walked pver to him she was in a green skirt and pink long-sleve top she was carring a little blue purse with a ribbon on it.It was a perfect night for a date it was the time of year when it was still daylight even when it was 9:00. The wind blew in small bursts. The air was warm and calm. There were a few coupels in the park and they all seemed to think the same thing. Tonight was beautiful. Odie held her hand and the couple walked along the path. Melissa was a bit taller then Odie so she always looked down at him. Like all the other titans she too had a seceret.That she feered telling. Odie and Melissa went to dinner at a fancey greek resteraunt. There table was in the conor lit with candels. Behind them was a statue behind them. It was of a greek woman. Her left brest was showing and from her hand to her elbow was missing. The two ordered a plate of spegitte each. Most of the dinner was silent until Melissa spoke up. " Um Odie I have something to say,"

Atlanta sat up from her bed she turned her stario down and opened the door. There stood the vry person whos heart she broke. " Hello Archie." Atlanta said. Archie waved. He walked in and sat in her chair by her desk. Atlanta was still at her doorway so she went over to Archie and sat on her bed. " So what up?" Atlanta asked trying to lighten the mode.

Not much to type today so here you have it I will post soon. R&R
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