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Most people will walk next to a bench, but forget its existence. A bench is nothing but a structure made of wood and metal. Yet, they don't understand that a bench has many memories stuck in the bo...

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The tip of his elbow sunk deep into my ribcage as I searched for any air. His body suffocating my own as I wiggled underneath trying him to give my skin some oxygen. His fingers traveled there way across the side of my belly.

"Okay you win! You win!", I breathed.

"Say I am the coolest guy friend you ever had!" his fingers poked.

"NEVER!" I giggled on the top of my lungs. Laughing tears hugged against my round cheeks but never reached my chin as my body wiggled around, instead, they flew through the air and came to there splendid fatality against the carpet.

"Okay I give up! You're the coolest guy friend I ever had! Mercy! " finally I said surrendering. A smile of defeat spread across his lips, cheek-to-cheek. He jumped up from my body and raised his arms above his head.

"The undefeated champion of the world-" I interrupted his victorious speech with, "I wouldn't go that far short-shit". My face turned a bright berry and my hair tangled up with a hint of static from the carpet. Mist of sweat covered my face as my ribs frantically proceeded up and down as I gasped for large amounts of air.

That smirk was still placed upon his lips and he chuckled, "Your just jealous of my prettiness"

I rolled my eyes and smiled as well, " Yeah I am jealous, I wish I looked as girly as you."

With that he took his hand and waved it in an unmanly way and said with his highest voice, "Do these pants make my butt look big?" I couldn't stop myself from laughing.

As I finally collected myself, I tugged at his sleeve, "Gah, were going to be late. You have to meet my friend she is great, I pinky promise and lock it."

Then he gave me the 'you've got to be kidding me, not another one' facial expression, "Oh like that one great girl you told me about who ended up knocking me out and I ended up falling down hill. Thank God that tree was there to break my fall...and also my arm."

That was a long night. Sarah always had what people called "crazy arms". When Pete snuck up behind her to do his 'amazingly annoying but pretty fun' tickle attack, she swung her body around to ask him something and then before we knew it, we had the flashing lights of an ambulance and Pete in an arm cast. It was fun to be the first one to sign it though.

"Well, she is different. She doesn't have crazy arms, or freakishly long fingers, or a huge nose, or a lisp-" I was interrupted by a catchy ring-tone that came from Pete's pocket. He always did his little dance before answering it.

He flipped open the phone and answered the person on the other line "Hello? Oh hey baby..."

I looked at him in disgust, the side of my lip cocked. His lips said no words but mouthed , "Shut up". So I did and just stared with furrowed eyebrows. He then spoke again, "No I can't baby because-no I promised Audrie-look baby I told you this a long time ago-don't do that-baby-no I do love you but-" he stopped in the middle of his sentence and looked at the phone which declared 'Call Ended', "she hung up on me..."

"Damn it Pete, dump her she is a bitch-" his fingers quickly covered my mouth.

"Not now Audrie, I don't need it", his hand tugged at my arm which was his signal that he no longer wanted to be here "come on, lets blow this popsicle stand and meet another friend of yours".
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