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A Dream Come True

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In trade for her soul, the 'Devil' grants Rogue 7 wishes. It's a dream come true when she can just 'wish' her powers away or gain anything else. But it's a nightmare when all her wishes end up wors...

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Rogue groggily rubbed her eyes. 'A dream!' She thought disappointed as she felt the familiar bed beneath her. 'A stupid dream!'/ /She chuckled to herself after remembering her wish. 'Yeah sure!/ Scott and me happily married till death do us apart. Now that would be funny!' She yawned and stretched her arms. '/Well Ah'll just have ta wait another lifeti- ' She stopped when her hand brushed against something warm and......fleshy. 'It feels' Rogue thought confused then moved her head to the side.

Her eyes went wide and a scream escaped her throat before she fell off the bed along with the sheets. She received another shock on discovering she was naked. "Gahhh!" She quickly covered her body with the sheets. "W-W-What-W-W-Where?" She looked around wildly at her new surroundings. "W-Where ahm Ah?"

"Hey! Easy!" A voice said and she found a man kneeled beside her. "It must've been a nightmare. You're ok now."

"W-Who are you and what are you doin'" Rogue's voice trailed off. Her eyes went wide as saucers when she recognized the person.

"Are you ok?" The man, wearing only his boxers, asked worriedly, putting an arm around her shoulder; her bare shoulder. Startled by his sudden touch, she pushed herself back then continued to back away. "Hey! It's alright!"

'It can't be...' /Rogue thought her in utter shock, realizing what had happened. '/Can it?' She looked closely at the person. He appeared to be in his mid-twenties, yet he resembled someone she knew so much. "S-Scott...I-Is" She asked uncertainly.

"Of course it's me," he said, slowly advancing towards her. Rogue stared at him as he sat himself beside her. She held the sheets tightly against herself. "You hit the floor pretty hard." He gently put an arm around her.

Rogue shuddered for a moment but then relaxed as he gently pulled her against his chest. "Hope you didn't get amnesia or something."

'Mah wish...It really did come true!' Rogue thought as she slowly recovered. 'So you're mah husband?' Rogue looked up at him. She jerked back when she noticed his eyes. It must be the first time she was seeing his eyes without getting blasted to smithereens. Plus, it was the first time she was looking at him so closely without being possessed by Jean.

"Rogue?" Scott again asked. "Are you ok honey?"

"Yeah..." she answered and extended her hand to touch his face. It felt so warm, a bit rugged too, but it felt so nice to touch someone.

"Guess that's a yes," Scott smiled then caressed her face with his. This sudden gesture sent her down on her back again.

"Oh! Honey! Are you ok?" He inquired concerned, lifting her head and putting it on his lap. "I'm going to call the doc-"

"No. R-Really....Ah'm fine! Just need to go ta the bathroom." Rogue was getting up when she remembered that she was naked. "Err...Scott look! What's that on the window?"

"What?" Scott spun around to see what she was pointing at.

Rogue dropped the sheets and ran towards the door behind her. "Wow..." She uttered in awe, looking around the huge bathroom she had entered. "This is bigger than mah room and..." Her eyes opened wide in excitement when they fell upon a-"A plasma TV? Cool." She switched it on. Her eyes almost popped out of their sockets on seeing the movie. "Holy mother of everythin!" She screamed and quickly switched it off.

"What's the matter? Are you ok in there?" Scott asked from the other side of the door.

'Ah can't be that sick!' Rogue thought astonished, the images imprinted in her head.

"C'mon honey! Let me in!" Scott's shout was followed by pounding on the door.

"No! Ah-Ah'm...takin a shower!" Rogue quickly turned the faucet of the shower.

"Rogue we've taken shower together many times!" Scott said in a matter of fact way. "C'mon let me in."

"Alright! Alright!" Rogue shouted back. "Just.......let me find some clothes!"

"Hey! I'm your husband. What's there to hide?"

Rogue blinked. 'He's right...' she thought. But of course, she wasn't used to being the wife of Scott Summers, so opening the door naked was out of the question.

Her eyes incidentally fell upon a bathrobe, hanging from a hook on the wall. She quickly put it on. "Forget what Ah said! Ah'm comin out!" She was heading towards the door when she happen to catch her reflection in the mirror. "Whoa!" She exclaimed, touching her face. The reflection of a twenty-one year old stared back. "A-Ah'm.....A-Ah'm a woman."


Scott's shout shook her out of her reflection gazing and she proceeded towards the door. She opened it a little and poked her head out. "Hi... Scott...What's up?"

"What's up?" He gently pushed the door wide open and stepped in. "What's up with you? Are you feeling alright?"

"Y-Yeah....v-very f-fine," she stammered. "J-Just needed ta...adjust mahself with .....A f-few things..." she trailed off, staring into his eyes as he brought his face closer.

"I see..." he muttered, still not convinced.

"No! Really Ah'm ok now!" Rogue told him. "Ah guess Ah was shook up by the....umm....nightmare Ah woke up from. B-But now Ah'm fine." She assured him with utmost confidence.

"Alright Rogue," Scott sighed. "But if you feel sick-"

"Then by all means call the doctor," Rogue finished for him.

"Good," Scott smiled. "Well I better change into something presentable."

To Rogue, Scott in his boxers looked presentable enough to her. But she didn't mention it. "Yeah, so you just take a shower and Ah'll be outside changin' mah clothes," saying this, she came out and shut the bathroom door.

"Ok!" Rogue started pacing the room back and forth. "This is great! This is great! A-Ah shouldn't be nervous! Ah should be happy! Ah-Ah should wear some clothes first!" Rogue decided before completely losing it.

She walked over to the closet. "How does this thing open?" she asked herself as there were no handle or knobs. "Well duh!" Rogue slapped her forehead after spotting an electronic key pad on the wall. She groaned when she saw that she had to enter a three digit code, just to unlock the closet. "Now what can it be?" She asked herself. As if in reply to her question, a small paper landed down on her feet. She picked it up. It said:

'Your closet and every other code is triple six. Enjoy!'

Devil )//: D

Rogue rolled her eyes and entered triple six. The door slid open. "Everythin is black," She uttered, looking at her wardrobe. She smiled. "Mah favorite color but-What should Ah wear?" She started going through her wardrobe. "Suits, evenin gowns-They're all for special occasions! Ah need somethin normal!"

"Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Summer," a voice spoke through the intercom, where ever in the room it was. "It's seven-thirty, breakfast is ready and Mrs. Summers, two people are coming to meet you at nine. That's all. Thank you."

"Guess Ah should wear a suit," Rogue decided, pulling out a suit and changing into it. She then went to the mirror. "Hmm...somethin's missin..." she said then pulled up her hair into a bun, letting the bangs fall freely in her face. "Aha! Much better!" She smiled satisfied with her appearance. "Now Ah don't look like Agent Scully."

"Looking great Rogue!" Scott remarked, emerging from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. Rogue couldn't help it as she watched him change.

Scott caught her doing this. "You know, you're not acting like yourself today. Maybe you should skip work."

"N-No!" Rogue looked away embarrassed. "Umm...Someone's comin ta see me. And Ah'm fine."

He sighed. "Alright hon," he muttered as he adjusted his tie. "So...How do I look?"

"Really...great!" Rogue said half honestly as he looked way too good for her to describe.

"You know, today is a very special day," Scott told her coming beside her and started observing his reflection.

"Hmmm...." Rogue who was busy observing him, mumbled.

He turned around to face her. "For you."

"What were you sayin?" Rogue snapped out of her day dreaming and was sucked into another when Scott pressed his lips against hers. 'Whoa!' She thought dazed. Her first kiss! And boy did it feel amazing!

"I don't know why Rogue," Scott began, after pulling away. "But you're acting like this was your first kiss."

"It was....." Rogue uttered dazed. She slowly wrapped her arms around his neck then kissed him gently on the lips. 'Practice makes perfect,' Rogue thought. Scott returned the kiss, but pulled away when his cellphone started ringing.

"Hello?" Scott answered it. "Oh ok! All be right there!" He switched in off then sighed. "No breakfast for me today. I gotta run!" He quickly pecked Rogue on the cheek "We'll continue this tonight. Don't you dare go to sleep!" He warned teasingly.

Rogue blushed. "Ok..."

"Love you," he said as he walked out of the room.

"Ah love you too," Rogue shouted after him. She then sat down on the bed, sighing dreamily. "What's this?" Rogue mumbled when her eyes fell upon a picture on the side table. She picked it up for a closer look. She smiled. It was a wedding picture of her and Scott. Scott was carrying her while she had her arms wrapped around his neck and was smiling. And it was the biggest and happiest smile Rogue had ever seen on herself.

She was putting the picture back on the table when her hand bumped into something and she knocked it off the table. "Oh...mah...planner..." Rogue muttered looking at it after picking it up. She smirked. "Ah don't think Ah'll be needin you for a very long time..." she said and tossed it behind her back. 'Now ta explore mah home!'

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