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Neils Love

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Neil has found a girl he totaly diges but she dosnt know that.

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It was a cool day out and Neil went for a walk he went to cool clothing and saw a girl he diges he asked her out she said yes. He told his friends about the date and they told neil she can sleep in the extra room.He noticed she had one red eye and one green eye but he still likes her.

In the middle of the night Theresa herd her cry she told her to tell her wats wrong. No yas no yes they argued finaly it was a yes. She was crying in her pillow.

She told her cronuse sapt her and gave her magic powers but he can control them and he can use them to break the prophace and they were super powerful. She rifused to eat for 3 days and she only talkes to neil.But she was in love with Jay and she tried to cut some of ter blood out but it didnt work she still liked them.She went to see neils metor and stayed there in the mrning the titans woke and saw she was gone they looked every where and Neil said to lok and ask his mentor.

She told them she was in troble they felt sad and when to find her. Neil found her dancing in her room with fariy music when he stept in it automatickly whent off. He asked whats rong and he told her.

If u have an ending tell me and i will put it in the story
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