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Thomas The Tank Engine v.s The Einstines

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Confusion and Delay on The NWR and LNER

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LNER Controller: We have no calliope for the parade!
Days Later. -

Flying Scotsman: Good luck, little brother.

Steam Deflectors sling outwards
Gordon: I don’t think I'm the one who needs luck.

Flying Scotsman wins by an inch and they continue their jobs afterwards
Later that evening, Gordon and T.F.S go to a creepy looking shed.
It strangely has 4 kids in it. The leader of them all turns his head and looks at the two engines

???: What do you need, you abominations.

Gordon already spotted a calliope in a siding in the shed

Gordon: May we have that calliope of yours? For our parade?

The anonymous child clenches his teeth and shakes his head no.
The engines leave the odd looking shed.
They go to their shed only to find a weird looking, sleek, sparkly, shiny, new engine there already.
He had a nameplate on his side similar to T.F.S
They enter the shed
Gordon views his name plate

Gordon: Mallard eh? I'm Gordon! This is my brother, The Flying Scotsman.
Mallard: I was made by Sir Nigel Gresley's brother, making me. Your cousin.

Mallard kept on boasting about him being streamlined and new and about how great his is. The engines couldn't get a wink of sleep that night.

Midnight - London North Eastern Railway - Engine Shed
Gordon: They must be asleep
The Flying Scotsman: What, you mean the kids!? Of course they're asleep. It's midnight!

Gordon is now leaving the shed, Flying Scotsman catches on and follows. They quickly couple up to the calliope and leave. An alarm sounds and a red rocket soon follows. It transforms into a 0-6-0T E2 Class Tank Engine and surprisingly keeps up. They're rushing down the line and see a streamlined blue engine with a long and heavy express train rush down the track. He bangs right into the Red Tank Engine. They get the calliope but Mallard’s life was ended in an instant. They were thinking about this for a long time going slow on the rails.

The LNER Controller didn’t like this.
LNER Controller: The Duke and Duchess of Sodor are coming! They won’t be pleased if the engine carrying them is slow!
Gordon offered to take them but the controller told him… A man named Sir Topham Hatt was BUYING him. Surprisingly. This man was from Sodor as well.

Gordon was repainted completely blue and his LNER tender was repainted as NWR.
He saw another engine at a station with a freight train that looked exactly like him.

Gordon: Hello there. Would you mind telling me who you are?
Gordon Looking Engine: I am Henry! Who’re you?

Gordon gasped. That was the first engine designed by Sir Nigel Gresley.

Gordon: I'm Gordon.
Henry: Hello Gordon! Anyway, I must be on my way now, catch ya later!

Henry puffed away

Days later

There was a parade on Sodor as well featuring Henry, Gordon and a small tender engine.

Small Tender Engine: Slow down!!!
Henry: Shush up, Old Edward… You're just mad cause you're slow.
3 confused kids rushed onto the line screaming, : What are you guy's names? We can't tel- : the 3 kids were then ran over, causing red stripes to splatter on all their boilers.
Edward: What’d I tell you.

They were repainted. Edward was painted blue with red stripes, Gordon blue with red stripes and Henry, was oddly painted green..
There also was a Coffee Pot engine sitting there as well.
He was given a number. Number 1
Edward was given Number 2 on his tender.
Gordon, Number 4.
Then Henry, Number 3.

Many many many years later

Thomas The Tank Engine was puffing down the track with Annie and Clarabel. Like always.
The kids. Who are now Teens. Have, for all these years, having been searching in their red rocket ship, which somehow survived, for a new calliope.

Leo: Well guys, we couldn’t find one.. How about Sodor?

They land the ship on Thomas’ line and leave. Thomas soon see’s this and stops in front of it.

Thomas: What the?!

Soon, three out of the four teens arrive at the ship. By now, Gordon and Percy are now held up as well.

Gordon, Percy and Thomas’ passengers are complaining.

The kids refused to move the ship until the fourth teen arrives.

Then there was trouble. Henry’s brakes broke nearby on the same line. He rammed into the 3 engines.

The final teen arrived.

Edward, The Breakdown Train, Harvey, Rocky and Sir Topham Hatt arrived to clear up the mess.

The teens escape but notice Gordon on their way out. They recognized his face and voice.

Thomas was repaired and he was on his branchline again.

The rocket rams Thomas in the face and now needs to go back to the steam works.

Thomas was repaired once again and goes to the shed to find his coaches. Surprisingly, they're gone. The first engine Thomas goes to is Diesel.

Thomas: Diesel! Where are my coaches! They're missing!
Diesel: Thomas, are you really assuming I took the coaches!? How rude! I've been in the yard shunting all day.

Thomas puffs down the line only to find a Red Tank Engine with Annie and Clarabel.

Thomas puffs up beside him and the engine speeds up. Thomas starts to chase.

The engine raced down the line with Thomas right behind.

Suddenly, Bertie the Bus was crossing and The Red Engine sped up.

Leo: Pat Pat Pat, Blue Puffball!

He rammed into Bertie causing him to fly in the air.

This made Thomas cross.

Thomas started to overheat.

He switched onto Leo’s line. He was about to race up behind and couple up. But his boiler burst and stopped, letting them get away.

Thomas: The only thing that can catch up is a streamlined engine.

Conveniently, Caitlin the Streamlined Engine was puffing along. Thomas asks for help. Caitlin switches onto the other line and with the last of Thomas’ steam. He couples up to Caitlin's Tender. Caitlin, backwards, pushes Thomas and eventually catches up to them. Thomas’ driver climbs on the side of Thomas and couples Thomas to Clarabel.

They screech to a stop.

Thomas bounces his driver to make him fly back and uncouple Thomas and Caitlin.

Thomas and The Red Tank Engine slip off into a siding, destroy the buffers and derail.

Thomas is brought to the Steamworks and “The Little Einsteins” are banned from Sodor, and if they try to come back. Gordon & Caitlin will be waiting.

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