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Almost Picture Perfect?

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In trade for her soul, the 'Devil' grants Rogue 7 wishes. It's a dream come true when she can just 'wish' her powers away or gain anything else. But it's a nightmare when all her wishes end up wors...

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"This is just....perfect," Rogue murmured and let out a sigh. "Everything's perfect. Ah'm rich."

Rahne barked in acknowledgement. Rogue passed a cookie to her and continued.

"Ah'm not a mutant--" she paused. "No one is a mutant. Mutants don't exist!"

Rahne again barked in agreement. Rogue again fed her a cookie.

"People Ah know are mah loyal servants." She giggled, remembering Logan, her chef. And boy could he cook!

Rogue patted Rahne on the head. "Oh, except you Rahne. Mah pet dog. Ah can live with that."

Rahne yapped happily, jumping off Rogue's lap and ran into the bushes. After a second, she came back with something in her mouth.

"Rahne!" Rogue exclaimed, snatching the planner from her mouth. " you got it all slimy. Bad dog!"

Rahne responded by leaping back on her owner's lap.

"Alright now where was Ah?" She asked after wiping the small device.

Rahne howled.

"Oh yeah!" She clicked. "And you know the best part?" She asked, holding up another cookie and waving it back and forth infront of Rahne's face. Rahne's head moved like a pendulum, eager to obtain the delicious biscuit. "Ah've got the most wonderful husband in the whole world."

Rahne stopped moving and gave her an odd look.

"Scott Summers is the perfect boy--Err man a girl could think of." She closed her eyes and let out a long sigh. Her hand moved towards the cookie jar. "Ah can't wait for tonight....." She extended her hand possessing two cookies this time towards Rahne. "'s perfect....Hmmm?" Her forehead wrinkled when Logan's baked cookies didn't capture Rahne's attention. "You're not hungry anymore?"

She got a low growl in reply before Rahne suddenly erupted and began barking wildly.

Rogue finally opened her eyes to see what the problem was. She blinked on catching sight of two women occupying the empty pool chairs for God knows how long

"You're doggy's insane...." one of them said. "Shut it up before I do that for you."

Rahne snarled at her. "Whoa easy!" Rogue pulled her back by the collar. "Man! What has gotten inta you?!"

"Must be Scott Summers's stupid animal," the other presumed before turning to Rogue. "Speaking of Summers....Really hurts us that you never invited us to your wedding."

"A-Ah...." Rogue trailed off narrowing her eyes. They looked really familiar. 'Oh!' Rogue recognized the beautiful, poised, red-head in an instant but the other one, the Goth, seemed familiar but she couldn't quite place her and Rahne's barking was making it more difficult.

"What is it?" The red-head asked, really getting annoyed with Rogue's staring.

"'re Jean? Right?"

"Yes Jean," she mimicked as she sashayed upto Rogue's side and picked the wine glass, ignoring Rahne's growling. "Two months off and you're already losing your memory." She took a delicate sip from Rogue's glass. Her whole face suddenly transformed into an incredulous one and she spurted out the liquid. "Pepsi?! This is Pepsi?!"

Rogue gave her a perplexed look. "So......?"

Jean chuckled before putting the glass back. "You have a whole collection of wine from all over the world and you're drinking Pepsi?"

"Ah didn't feel like drinkin today," Rogue answered. To be honest, she wasn't even aware about it. She had been too busy admiring her Central Park sized backyard to care. She still had so many places to explore.

"That's really interesting...." Jean observed.

Rogue scowled. 'Why didn't Ah ask the Devil ta make her existence non- existence?' She asked herself.

"Anyway.....I've got good news," Jean began and took out a pack of cigarettes from her purse. She offered one to Rogue. Rogue shook her head in disbelief. "Now you're starting to scare me....."

Rogue watched as she lit one and took a puff.

She blinked in amazement. Jean hated smoking! She even gave a lecture to Logan on the harmful effects of smoking and now....well she was smoking.

Jean caught Rogue staring at her. "Do you find something amusing on my face?"

"" Rogue turned her head away, embarrassed. She turned to the other young woman, who seemed to be filing her nails with a knife.

Rogue watched her intently. This time, she took her time and was amazed to discover that her features strikingly resembled a certain valley girl.

"Kitty?" The word just came out of her mouth before she could stop herself.

Kitty stopped what she was doing and looked up. She looked behind her back then back at Rogue. "What kitty?"

"No. You're Kitty. Right?" Rogue asked her unsurely.

"Me?" Kitty pointed at herself. "Kitty?" She snorted. "Why would I have that lame name?"

"Kitty? Heh....that sounds so...perky!" Jean snickered. "But it suits you Katherine."

"Very funny," Kitty said sarcastically.

"Oh Katherine," Rogue realized her error. "Of course."

"Anyway...I got an assignment for us," Jean took another puff. "I came across this interesting young lady yesterday."

"Who?" Rogue coughed, the cigarette smoke really getting to her lungs.

"Her name is Wanda Maximoff. She's paying a hell lot of money for this job."

Rogue coughed, fanning the smoke with her hands. "...and...?"

"The task is really simple and I accepted."

"Get to the point," Rogue said in an impatient tone and again coughed.

"Her dear father and brother."

"Magneto and QuickSilver?" Rogue asked.

"You mean Eric Magnus Lensherr and Pietro Maximoff?" Kitty asked.

Rogue slapped her forehead. "Sorry, forgot that people aren't mutants anymore."

"Mutant?" Jean gave her a questioning look.

"What's a mutant?" Kitty asked confused.

"Forget it. Long freaky story," Rogue grinned. "Glad to be here in the normal world."

Jean and Kitty exchanged a look with each other. "Yes....normal...." Jean said in a mysterious tone. "Nothing abnormal about what we do. So..." she and Kitty got up. "Let's get going before they move on."

Rahne quietly tossed the planner in Rogue's pocket before she stood up.

"Nice meeting you stupid mutt," Kitty taunted Rahne. "Hope you'll be a furcoat in the future."

Rahne angrily barked and lunged at Kitty, but she was fortunate to move out of the way.

"Are you alright?!" Rogue asked Kitty.

"Your stupid wolf-dog almost scratched me!" Kitty hissed, giving Rahne a murderous glare.

"Well you started it," Rogue pointed.

"Stop wasting time Katherine," Jean called her and started walking away. "We don't want to be late."

"Go....I'll catch up...." Kitty told them.

"Well somethings never change," Rogue said as she followed Jean to the car which was surprisingly the same SUV which the Jean in the real world possessed.

Kitty finally showed up after five minutes and took the backseat.

"You should think of getting a new dog," Kitty told Rogue and handed her something. "Rahne is playing dead."

Rogue shrugged. "Alright....." and held up the thing that Kitty just gave her.

Rahne's collar.

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