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Chapter 2

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The Hyperion runs out of power. Mahad and Dahlia end up stuck on a block of ice with no power, and no radio contact. Then they forget where they parked the ship... and the weather's getting worse...

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Author's note: Thanks to LightningFlash for all her loverly reviews. ^^ And everyone else, I can see your views, come on. :P And now, back to the fic...


Twenty minutes later, they'd managed to locate a large over hanging rock out of the wind. It only provided shelter because of its position. But it was better than nothing and the wind was picking up.

Mahad plonked down behind it and rubbed his arms. "Sure we can't find something better?"

"I don't think so," replied Dahlia, sitting down next to him. "The 'berg looks pretty flat. This is the best shelter I've seen yet. And do you really want to keep looking?"

"Not really... at least there's no wind here."

"You still cold?"

Mahad snorted. "What do you think?"

"Well, I'd offer you my jacket, but..."

"You can't offer me your jacket!"

"Why not?"

"Because that's what I'm supposed to do... I think..."

"Well then, do you want to give me your jacket?"

"... no... I'm cold... Yours is probably warmer than mine anyway."

Dahlia thought for a moment. "Look, move closer to me."


"It's cold. We need to share body heat to stay warmer."

"Oh... well, you didn't have to think up that excuse if you want to be close, Dahlia..."

"Urgh! And here I was thinking you were too cold to say something immature like that. Just get over here." She grabbed him by the collar and dragged him up next to her.

"Whoah..." Mahad wasn't ready. The motion only resulted in him tipping over and banging his head into Dahlia's.

"Ow! Watch it!"

"Jeesh! You're keen..."

"Oh, grow up! We have to do this or we're going to die!"

Mahad opened his mouth.

"And no 'how sweet, you'll die without me!' comments!" Dahlia interrupted before he could say anything.

"I was going to ask if this'll save us or just buy us time."

Dahlia paused, looking at Mahad. "I don't know... but the more time we buy... the more chance we have of staying alive."

"Okay..." Mahad moved up next to Dahlia. "Um... "

"You think you'd be more ambitious the way you carry on..." Dahlia grumbled. She shivered. "You need to get closer, alright?"

"Yeah, okay..." Mahad drew up next to Dahlia and put his hand behind her head.

Dahlia grabbed his shoulder and put her leg over his. "Don't put your hand there..."

"Sorry!" They continued to rearrange themselves until they were virtually on top of each other, their legs wrapped around the others.

They stopped, staring at each other.

"Warmer?" Dahlia finally asked, unnerved by Mahad staring at her.

"Um... my arm's cramping..."


"You're lying on it!"

"Then move it!"

"Alright, alright!" They rearranged themselves again.

"Okay, not sitting on anything you don't want to?" Dahlia asked, sounding exasperated.

"I'm good..."


They sat like that for a few minutes. Dahlia could feel Mahad shaking up next to her. She was probably as well but she was more aware of him. "You warm enough?"

"... no..."

She felt him shift again, burying his head further away from the wind.

"This isn't working..."

"Keep still; you'll just dissipate body heat."

A flurry of snow whipped around the edge of the rock they were behind, bringing with it a sharp chill.

They both scrunched down further.

"The wind's changing..." Mahad said almost into his shirt.

"No it's not; it's just a gust..."

"We're going to die out here..."

The wind died down again.

"No, we're not. See, it's gone back around the rock."

"It's still cold."

Dahlia shifted her arm around Mahad's shoulder.



Mahad shifted again. "It's just..."

Dahlia felt something poking her. "Um... Mahad? You're..."

"It's just my water bottle, I swear!"

"That is not a water bottle, Mahad!"

"Well, I'll move then, okay!?" Mahad shoved Dahlia away from himself and shifted over.

"Mahad!" growled Dahlia, tipping over into the snow.

Mahad crossed his arms and leaned back against the rocks, drawing his knees up into his chest.

"Will you stop being so immature!"

"You brought it up! I can't help it! I'm sorry..."

"Look, it doesn't matter..."

"Yes it does! We're going to die out here, Dahlia. And sitting on top of each other isn't going to change it. I'm sorry for getting us stuck on this block."

Dahlia shifted over closer to him. "Hey, we've been stuck on an iceberg before..."

"That was different. We were going to die because we decided we had to blow it up. This doesn't have a purpose, it's just because I was being an idiot. I'm sorry."

Dahlia sighed. "You didn't know we'd get stuck and you're not that much of an idiot. But it doesn't matter now. Right now, we've got to concentrate on keeping warm, okay?"

Mahad didn't make a move and just kept staring over his arms into the snow.

Dahlia bit back growling at him and instead put her arm around his shoulders. "It's not your fault okay, Mahad?"

Mahad just shivered and drew up closer to her.
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