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Vala tells Daniel about the movie she just finished watching, 'Peter Pan', and attempts to trick him into taking a thimble. Random season 10 flash fic.

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"It's about this little boy, you see. He can fly and fight and lives on another planet with an army of other little boys. But he's sort of their ringleader," Vala explained, walking at Daniel's heel. "Anyhow, he sees this Earth girl one night and the little pervert loses his shadow while he's watching her-which is, by the way, a part that I didn't quite comprehend. The boy later decides to take this little girl and her brothers to his planet. . . ."

Daniel quickened his pace, rounding a corner in an attempt to get back into his office, fast. He shook his head, coming to a stop outside his door. "Yes, I know. It's called Peter Pan, Vala-everyone knows the story of Peter and Wendy. Now, if you'll please excuse me."

"No, wait!" Vala grabbed his sleeve. Lifting her free hand, she revealed a tiny thimble lying at the center of her palm.

"Where did you get that?" Daniel raised a brow.

"Why? Do you want it?"


"Are you sure?"


"Yes, you want it?

"No!" Daniel let out a growl of frustration. "I don't want a thimble. I know very well what you're trying to do. It won't work."

"But I should give you something, you know, for taking my side." Vala gave him a rueful smile, leaning close to him. "So, do you want a thimble or a kiss?"

"What if I refuse to choose?"

"Then I'll stand outside your door and tell you about the other three movies I watched yesterday."

Daniel sighed. Shaking his head, he held out a hand. "Then I'll go with the kiss."

Vala jumped to her toes, quickly planting her lips against his and pulling back. "There you go," she announced.

The archeologist blinked, stunned. "That isn't how it works. . . ."

Vala grinned playfully, giving him a wink as she walked past. "This isn't a children's story, Daniel-I'll always give you what you ask for, as long as I want it, too."
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