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confessions part 3

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bad news leaks out but there is also some news that may be better.

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I'm bored with nothing to do so I shall update sorry bout the errors I am not the best speller and sorry bout the clif hanger I didn't want to wait any longer and I had to get of so here you go Oh I do not own Class of The titans simple as that.

Archie,Atlanta and Herry walked home from the movie they had just seen.
" And he was all Bam dan wao!" Herry said copying the movie.
This caused the others to start laughing at their foolish friend.
" What is so funny?" Herry asked unaware of what the others were laughing about.
"Oh nothing."Archie said a hint of sarcasim in his voice he was fighting back bursts of laughter.
Atlanta elbowed Herry and smiled at him playfully.
" Ow." Herry proclaimed.
Atlanta rolled her eyes and ran ahead of the other two boys. They ran up with her too. I wounder if they are upset about breaking up? Herry asked himself.Not that there is even a chance of Atlanta liking me. Herry reminded himself. He felt so bad about stepping on her territory he just needed to get himself a girl. A sunnden hand on Herrys firm shoulders made him jump a ways in the air.
" You okay buddy?" Archie asked him.
Herry replied by nodding his head. By now Atlanta had gained the lead and was a ways away from them. This was Herrys chance to find out the anwser to the question he had been asking himself for the past week.
" Hey Arch," Herry started.
" Yah?" He asked in a low tone to match Herrys.
" Listen I just wondered if you still have any feelings for Atlanta? Like if somone were to ask her out would it be odd for you?" Herry asked not making eye contact, Herry then relisied that he was bending over so he stood at his full hight.
" What oh no I guess it would be fine." Archie stamered.
Herry nodded and ran to catch up with Atlanta. Quickly followed by Archie. By now they were almost at the dorm.

Inside the dorm Jay and Theresa were curled up on the couch. It was late fall so they had blankets over them they were also sipping hot choclate well Jay was Theresa still wouldn't eat. Their heads turned to the doorway as the other three pilled in.
" So how was the movie?" Theresa asked.
" It was, Atlanta was cut of by Herry, It was awsome full of fighting and blood now that is the kind of movie I like." Atlanta rolled her eyes and headed into the kitchen she was starving because Herry spilled all the popcorn on her lap and the floor so she didn't get any. She pulled out a bowl and some cereal. She walked over to the frige and pulled out the milk. She picked up a spoon and went to the table and started to eat. When she was done she set the bowl and spoon in the sink and went up to her room.

Odie sat at his desk he was on the phone with the girl who he had been writting about.
" Odie I am so sorry I had a really great time on our dates but the thing is I was dared to by Kandy and I a really sorry please forgive me." Odie sat in shook he had just been dumped now he finaly knew why in all the movies the guy/girl was so sad it was how he felt alone and unloved used hated hopeless betraied and it sucked. Odie said a good bye and hung the phone up. Odie went over to his computer and erased eveything he had just wrote.
He walked over to his dresser and pulled out the pictures of her he set one aside and riped up all the others. Odie wasn't really tired but anyway he curled up in his bed and fell asleep.

Neil was doing nothing he was just sitting on his bed thinking about endless things he decied to go ot bed sence e had nothing better to do. Neil closed his eyes and thought about random things he made sure that there was nothing around to make any noise and he sloly let his brain shut down. After a few moments he was sleeping deeply.

Eveyone els had gone to sleep Atlanta,Archie ,Herry in their beds and Jay and Theresa on the couch in front of the T.V.

There you go I am going to start a new story but I need a name it's about someone on the team making a new friend but then finds out that someone els has bad friendships with that person but I have no ideas so please give me some ideas.
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