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Kurenai's Training Session

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A look at how Kurenai trains her students. I mean, who else can train a Hyuuga, an Inuzuka and an Aburame? Crossposted to

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A/N: My first story on FicWad! OMGness. Haha. Anyway, this is crossposted to so if you want to read this on some other site, be my guest. My account name is in my profile.

So anyway, Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

I don't watch Naruto anymore. OMGness, yes! I currently watch Higurashi no naku koro ni and Saiyuki. So, yeah. But then again, I wrote this quite some time ago, so there shouldn't be any problems.


Ah yes. It was a pleasant and beautiful day. A fine day for some good ninja-ing.

Yuuhi Kurenai left her house all cheerful-like, hiding the key to her house underneath the welcome mat and straightening up some of her plastic flowers (all her real ones dehydrated). Kurenai was in a happy-happy mood, so she would try and make her students all happy-happy when she was training them today.

Kurenai made her way to the...urm, Forest where she trained her students. She saw her entire team there and she beamed happily.

"Kiba! Shino! Hinata!" She waved at them with all the cheer in the world! Kiba waved back enthusiastically while Hinata just gave this small, feeble-ish wave. Shino didn't even bother.

Kurenai made her way over to them at the speed of light and smiled. "Well, righty-o. Better get down to business! Kiba! Run 10 laps around that big track-and-field track. Shino, go...kick a log. Hinata, go beat up a tree until it falls down."

"But what if it hits something?" Hinata asked nervously, twiddling her fingers.

The jounin teacher pondered for a moment. "Well, find a nice, small tree. Like that one." She pointed to a small maple tree that was so small and skinny that Ino appeared fat and tall in comparison.

Of course, no one on the team was actually THINKING that Ino would be tall and fat in comparison to the maple tree Kurenai had chosen for Hinata to senselessly beat up. That was only what I would assume so the readers can imagine the tree much better in their heads!

Anyway, Hinata made her way over while Shino just started kicking a log with very little enthusiasm. Kiba had already started his second lap, with Akamaru singing 'Who let the dogs out' in doggy language.

Kurenai felt as if her heart would burst with pride. This was her proud team!

After about 10 minutes, Kiba came racing back all nice and happy and not sweating or anything. "Phew, that was a workout!" he said, even though it so obviously wasn't.

Hinata had toppled her tree and was standing around rather idly and nervously. Shino had kicked his log into a nearby river and didn't appear to want to dive in and chase after it.

Kurenai beamed at all of them. "OK, team, let's all train!"

The three genins sort of stared at her. "" Shino asked.

Kurenai's beam dropped several notches. "What do you mean, how?"

"Well, SENSEI, Akamaru and I fight in PAIRS. Shino is all buggy and Hinata uses Jyuuken. There's no way you would know how to train all these different styles, right?"

Kurenai scowled. Trust Kiba to puncture her happy little balloon.

"Fine," she shrugged. "Go home. See if I care." And she frolicked off while her students stared after her. After a moment or two, the three began to spar and they became awesome ninjas but Kurenai didn't even look back to watch.

Of course, they didn't REALLY become awesome ninjas. It was just a metaphor. Or whatever you call them.

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