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The God of Bad Timing

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I guess this one kinda lives up to the rating. Maybe. I find it amusing.

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That Hero Business

Chapter 8 - The God of Bad Timing

"Man, what a day!" Odie complained to Herry as they waited for their friends. "I mean, both my scooter and Archie's bike are out of commission, and then your keys get stolen," he looked out the window, "and naturally, it has to be poring rain." They were waiting in the detention room, both of them in there for the first time in their lives.
"Sounds like you boys have had a visit from the god of bad timing." They looked over at the woman leaning casually against the doorframe. She was tall and slender, her black leather and latex outfit accentuating her curves. Her red toenails poked out of her stilettos, tight pants showing off gorgeous legs, while the zipper on her shirt seemed to be barely able to contain her breasts. Black wavy hair framed a tanned face with full red lips and sultry dark eyes.
Everything about her was gorgeous and seductive,
"I'm looking for someone, I don't suppose you boys can help?"
She was met with open-mouthed silence as both boys tried to work out something to say.
"No? Oh, that's to bad," she turned slowly and began to stalk out of the room.
"Wait!" Odie finally managed to squeak out, "who are you looking for?"
"Her name is Kiralia," the seductress replied, as she turned back to face them, "short kid, hair like a shiny penny, seen her?"
"The new kid? She's in my math class," Herry replied nervously.
"Math class?" She replied with a frown, "she's actually taking math class? That's strange, usually she just has Andrew.." she stopped and slapped a slender hand over her mouth, "oops, I didn't give away to much did I?" They didn't answer. "Well, are you more confused now then when I started?" Herry nodded dumbly. "Oh, good. Have a nice day boys!" She waved and was gone.
"Who was she?" Theresa asked as she walked in, seeing her walking down the hall.
"She didn't leave her name." Odie replied, recovering from the trance he had previously been under.
"She was something though," Herry jumped in.
"Yeah," Odie agreed with a low whistle, "you don't see girls like that everyday."
"Ehem," Theresa coughed as she sat down, "what did she want anyway?"
"Oh," Odie replied, "she was looking for that new girl, Kiralia."
"Sounds pretty suspicious to me." Theresa muttered, not heard over the boys memories of the encounter. So she sat and waited for Jay to show up, because he would certainly listen to her protests. She never got the chance to talk to him through, because it was mere moments until the fire alarm went off.


Okay, so there's another short chapter. I'd just like to let everyone know that I am a full time college student now, and as such have a huge workload dumped on me. So you can expect shorter, more infrequent chapters (sorry guys). However, getting reviews certainly makes me think about it more (hint, hint, wink, wink). Next chapter: Behold! A Paper Bag!
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