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Win for the Umpteenth Time

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The Team foils Cronus' plan once again.

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Brief Summery: A new girl is enrolled at Olympus High, and becomes instantly attracted to Neil. After a few dates Neil decides to dump her. She is so angry at being jilted that she unwittingly summons the goddess Nemesis. What punishment will the vengeful goddess have for Neil?

(This is based on a Greek myth of Narcissus.)

Disclaimer: Class of the Titans is a property of Studio B. In no way am I making a profit from writing this fan fiction story.

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Vengeance: A Dish Served Cold!

Chapter 1: Win for the Umpteenth Time

It is still quite early morning - barely the crack of dawn, that is. The sky is yet dark with a few stars still twinkling brightly over the treetops. On the outskirt of the sleepy town, standing on the top of a cliff of New Olympia, Cronus and four of his exceptionally large minions wait in complete silence. Idly they watch the eastern sky slowly becomes lighter, festooned with long, thin clouds of pink, orange and purple. Finally one of the Giants, a green-skinned one with a face of a red goat shifts his feet and leans over to grunt questioningly into their brooding leader's ear.

"Soon, Agnon," Cronus replies in a slightly impatient voice, "As soon as the brats get up this instrument of doom will be ready and then we can make our attack. Prophecy or not, I will achieve my goals this day!" He adds smugly.

"Not today you don't, Cronus!" A young male voice shouts out boldly from behind them.

Startled, Cronus and his minions twirl around. There, in some distance away to the still-dark horizon, stand seven familiar teen heroes silhouetted by the lights of Herry's truck shining up behind them from down the hill.

"Jay! But how...?" The God of Time is beside himself with astonishment and sheer frustration. It seems that every time he is about to succeed in accomplishing his plans for world domination, those seven heroes appear out of nowhere to foil him!

"You should know by now, Cronus, that no matter where you go, what ever you do, we will stop you!" Jay, the young leader of the group, declares confidently. "It is our destiny!" So saying, he steps forward and holds up his xiphos which glitters in the last bit of the light beams from the parked truck. The other six teens likewise bring out their own weapons and take on their battle stances, ever ready to fight the evil.

"Right, right...the prophecy," Cronus groans. Then he glares at his ogre-sized monsters, points toward the teen heroes and orders them; "Giants, distract them, will you!"

At once the Giants charge eagerly toward the seven teenagers. Cronus does not wait around to see what happens, instead, he heads hurriedly for the nearby mystical device he is planning on using to conquer the world. This device, which Cronus and his henchmen had constructed late last night, appears to be in a form of an 18-century Greek giant circular sundial made of brass (which serves as a conductor for energy). Large, square home-made solar panel is attached to it. What Cronus hope to put his plans into action is that as soon as the solar polar have fully absorbed the rays from the now- rising sun, it would recharge the sundial and Cronus, whose frequent time-traveling had weakened his powers, would in turn absorb the energy. With his powers newly enhanced and even twice as powerful, he can easily twist time according to his whims to eliminate his enemies and bring countless civilizations to ruins. After all, he is the Time God! If he is powered up to the point of being invincible, who can stop him from taking over and ruling the world?

Fortunately Jay guesses right away what Cronus is about to do and runs past the Giants to intercept the evil Time God.

"Oh no you don't, Cronus!" Jay yells, swinging his xiphos at the evil Time God in an attempt to put him out of commission for good. At the same moment, however, Cronus hastily materializes one of his golden scythes to defend himself against his young attacker. Both razor-sharp blades clash loudly with sparks flying off each time the hero and the villian tries determinedly to cut each other down.

Meanwhile, Atlanta leaps into the air and fires her Wrist Laser Crossbow at one of the Giants, causing him to freeze in his tracks. The burly Herry, using his practically indestructible Olympian Rope, manages to snag another Giant and pull him down without too much trouble. A few yards away Archie twirls his Hephaestus Whip over the head and flicks it at some loose rocks along a nearby ledge, causing them to come crashing down onto the third Giant's head which put him out of action. And Theresa and Neil, working together as a team, corner the last green-skinned Giant, Agnon, near the area of the cliff where a thin brook is flowing down the hill over the rocks.

While Neil is busy distracting Agnon by striking several fung-fu poses and shouting insults at him, Theresa sneaks up behind the goat-faced Giant. With a sudden leap she whacks his large head squarely with a swing of her nunchucks. But, surprisingly, the green-skinned Giant scarcely noticed it. Instead, Agnon was more enraged by Neil's incessant, in-your-face taunts. Out of anger and frustration, he lifts his heavy, hammer-like weapon in order to bash the impudent blond teen's head in. "Whoa," Neil whispers, suddenly nervous all of sudden, and backs slowly away from the angry minion.

Sitting a few yards away Odie is supervisng the team with shouts of instructions, his fingers busy jabbing away at his laptop keyboard as fast as he could. Being more of a tactician than a fighter, he can be relied on to think up the fastest and best solutions for the team to defeat their foes. Noticing that Neil has just stepped backwards onto a pile of medium-sized, smooth rocks in the thin river, Odie winces. It is not difficult to predict what would happen next.

"Hey Neil!" Odie calls out in a warning, "Careful man, those rocks are slippery! You could..."

But it is too late. Neil slips and loses balance, landing on the rocks with a loud thud. But it is a sheer luck that he fell, because in the next second Agnon's weapon narrowly misses Neil's head by inches.

"Ow..." Neil groans, not realizing he just had a close call. "That'll leave a bruise, that's for sure!"

Agnon grunts in annoyance at having missed the boy. However, he had swung the weapon so hard it slipped out of his hand and went sailing across the clearing. When the Giant realizes where his hammer is heading, he visibly flinches and utters one fateful word; "Oh-uh!"

Oblivious to what is going on around them Cronus and Jay are still locked in a sword fight, each struggling to prevail over the other. By now the sun is high above the horizon, and the Time God is becoming quite impatient. With an aggressive shove Cronus manages to push Jay away, causing the young hero to stumble and fall flat on his back with a painful grunt.

"We will have to continue this another time, Jay," The Time God mutters. He turns his attention towards the brass sundial which is now fully recharged. Eagerly he runs toward it, reaching for it with an outstretched hand in anticipation of increasing his powers to new levels as soon as possible. But just as Cronus is within an inch of touching the sundial, Agnon's flying hammer slams into it, shattering the device into thousand pieces and scattering the debris all over the clearing. The Time God is left with no other means to power up anytime soon.

"NOooo!" Cronus cries out in anguish. How those meddlesome teens frustrate him so! "You may have won this round, Jay!" He shouts angrily at the young brunette hero, "But mark my words, your luck will soon run out! I shall yet win one day!"

With that said, Cronus waves his hand to his side in a weird way, creating a portal rift through time. Once the swirling tunnel is formed large enough for him to slip through, he leaps into it and vanishes into thin air before Jay could recover sufficiently to stop him.

"Oh, crud!" Jay curses. He turns around in time to see the four Giants fleeing the scene, leaving his six friends alone.

Atlanta, Herry, and Archie start chasing after the Giants but decide it wasn't worth it and soon stop running. Within minutes the monsters vanish from sight as well. Theresa and Odie hurry over to Neil and pull him back up, but not before they nearly slipped on the wet rocks themselves and come close to taking a tumble into the river.

"It looks like we won!" Herry smiles triumphantly.

"Good, can we go home now?" Neil whines, rubbing his sore, but perfectly shaped, buttocks.

"I'm with Neil on this one," Odie agrees, "its late; we just beat Cronus...again. And we've got school in couple of hours!"

Jay nods in acknowledgement. "Alright, let's go then." He says with a sigh. The teenagers turn and trudge back to the truck. They have indeed beat Cronus - for now. Who knows what diabolical plan the nefarious Time God will think up next? Whatever it is, the young heroes are prepared and willing to deal with anything Cronus dish out on them.
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